Combiners are going to kill my savings account…

Once again I’m behind schedule…but before I get to Broadside, look at what surfaced today:

Image courtesy of Planet Iacon on Facebook
Image courtesy of Planet Iacon on Facebook

Sweet sassy…PREDAKING?  My wallet is crying again.

I’m very excited for FansProject Stunticons, and at this point, I’ll need to hold off on TFC’s Arielbots until I see the final product as I’m not loving the prototype of Superion just yet and someone else might improve on it.

But still!  Hot dang 3rd Party guys, KEEP IT UP!






  1. I love the individual figures, but I’m not crazy about the fists of the combined form. It could just be the way they photographed them with the fingers extended.

  2. Well, I think they have them outstretched like that to show they can…out stretch, lol. Compared to like Herc/Devastator’s fingers that don’t.

    Honestly, at this point, I may skip Superion and look to Predaking, but we’ll see.

  3. Oh my gosh. Why oh why won’t these companies give us a break! Do they think we’re made of money?! You may be right in skipping “Superion” in favor of these new not-Predacons. Wow.

  4. I know…*sigh*…I mean I’m SUPPOSED to be saving like a responsible adult. Cut me some slack 3rd party guys! (But not really, please oh please keep it up!)

    I wasn’t thrilled with the prototype of Superion. I realize that could change a lot, but seems the prototype for Predaking looks amazing already, he kinda gets the winning bid.


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