Pax Cybertron – Christmas Wishlist for 2013

Well, the Holidays are upon us and while I patiently wait for Santa (aka, My wife) to place some much anticipated Transformers under the tree, I thought I would procrastinate some more on taking pictures (I’m WAY BEHIND) and post something different –

2012 has seen a myriad of both official AND 3rd party releases for Transformer fans.  From the not-seen-on-the-show PRIME figures, to the Fall of Cybertron line, Hasbro has been really pumping out the fixes for us junkies. Takara finally gave fans their Masterpiece Soundwave nod (even though he’s now 2013 slated), and the oh-so-awesome Sideswipe and Red Alert!  The 3rd party companies however, have really blown things out of the water.  For a while, 3rd party companies had been mostly either upgrade parts for existing figures or smaller, more obscure characters.   And then TFC decided to step up the game a WHOLE lot with their Devastator analog: Hercules:


Since Herc, we’ve seen an explosion of amazing toys, both stand alone and an onslaught of Combiners being slated and in the works, including TFC’s follow up to Hercules, Uranos, the Superion analog.

So, I though I would put together a wishlist of my own for 2013, just some ideas I’d love to see made into a reality.  Some of them are possible, some are slightly less, so let’s take a look while I keep my fingers crossed!



There are SO many new Combiner toys being worked on right now, it’s kind of mind boggling.  TFC is churning out Superion, Make toys answered Herc with their own Devastator, Mastermind is currently working on the Predicons along with a new company Unique Toys, so we’ll have two Predakings coming in, Fansproject has been holding their cards close to their chest on their Stunticons, but they have been confirmed and two prototypes seen.  WILL SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE DEFENSOR?!    If not, can we make a decent Monstructor?  How about a Piranhacon?  You know what, just make them all, I’ll buy them.  lol.

2.) Fall of Cybertron Bruticus Upgrades

main start

This is a complicated one.  I think at this point, I’ve proven how much I love the FOC line and Bruticus himself, however, I’m also the first to admit that the Combaticons sure could use some support.   Even though I love these guys, I would not turn away from a 3rd party upgrade for weapons/parts.

Mainly, Onslaught needs, *NEEDS* new cannons, that attach to his back in both modes.  I love Onslaught, I hate his gun thing.  It’s awkward, rarely pegs in well for me and falls off.  Oh, and they don’t look like cannons.    They could also create panels that peg into his hands in Truck mode and complete his vehicle design a bit better, covering up the back more:


And a new gun.  The rest of the team could stand for new weapons too.   While a 3rd party reworking of the whole team is probably not something I’d jump on immediately, another idea would be for someone to just re-make Onslaught.  While I do love his Hasbro mold, a third party could maybe put more into his design, perhaps recess the linking pegs more so Bruticus’ shoulders and knees don’t have connection links visible.  TFC’s Silverbolt is going to be a bit bigger than the others so I wouldn’t mind an bit more of a bulkier, bigger Onslaught (just not G1 where he towers over the others).  It might help bulk up Bruticus more too.   Of all my “wishes”, this is probably the one that I’d like to see happen most.

3. ) Hasbro’s FOC line continued.

I think the mixed reviews of the FOC line is going to end up cutting things short. Or at least I’m afraid it will.  But there’s also the fact that the line is based on a game that has already faded from most mainstream attention, and by the end of 2013, it’ll be a hard sell to continue the line.   That’s unfortunate.  Because, even given Hasbro’s limited financial backing, they could produce at LEAST one last wave – Repaint Blaster to Twincast, Steeljaw to Stripes, Remold the Jazz mold to Barricade or Breakdown, release a Voyager Megatron, and produce two new deluxe molds for the Dinobots.  They could even arguably repaint Grimlock to Overkill, and of course, Skywarp and Thundercracker.    They’d only have to produce three new molds and repaint the rest and I’D BUY EVERY ONE OF THEM!  I think others would too.  But as there hasn’t been any news on it after the Blaster Wave hits, I think we won’t be seeing much more (though I really hope I’m wrong).

Frankly, if it were up to me, I’d take this idea and run with it – for one thing you don’t need vehicle licencing.  I’d make just about everyone.  Including MORE combiners (though now with the same mold).  How awesome would the Fall of Cybertron Constructicons be? (though the market is a tad flooded with Devastators right now..)

4.) Fall of Cybertron 3rd Party Support Trailers for Prime and Magnus:

I know, I’m asking a lot for the FOC line, but really, these guys need trailers.  Rumors are afloat that Magnus has one in the works:


I’d buy it in a second.  I want one for Prime too though, but keep it simple, and cheap.  Just the classic Grey with stripe, have it clam-shell open to the “battle station” and include a more Prime-looking gun and a little roller.  Keep it under 35 and it’ll sell like hotcakes.  (Roller can be skipped if need be).

5.) More Masterpiece Autobot cars

Simple enough, keep the line going.  Jazz, Prowl, SunStreaker, Hound, anyone you want, just keep it going, PLEASE!

6.) Mastermind Creations Hearts of Steel Line to contine

On a whim, I picked up Mastermind Creations Knight Morpher Screecher (Hearts of Steel StarScream), because every single review of the guy and his seeker brothers have been overwhelmingly positive:


And all I could say was “holy crap!”.  This design is beyond amazing.  He’s light, elegant, but complete sturdy.  Even the area’s the exceptionally awesome instructions alert you to be “careful” with are still strong and dependable.   Daytime Ninja actually interviewed one of the artist who work for MMC’s designing their instruction booklet comics too!  I truly hope they continue this line.  We could use some Autobots (so far we just have Optimus) or, OR which is asking a LOT, but I would love to see Squawkbox here made a reality: (Note, this is actually from Guido Guidi’s designs for the actual comic)


I mean…I love tapes, I love MMC’s Hearts of Steel work, C’MON!  Please!!!!!!!

And speaking of Cassettes:

7.) Last but definitely not least: MORE TAPES!

So MP Soundwave is getting his Buzzsaw, Frenzy, Rumble & Ravage.  AWESOME.  We still need Beastbox, Squawktalk, Overkill and Slugfest….c’mon Takara, don’t stop until we’ve got them all.   But I’m not sure if they’ll do a Blaster.  Unlike the FOC guys, you can’t just repaint Soundwave and stick a Blaster head on there.   So we’ll see.  In the meantime, Eagle Toys, a 3rd party apparently no one knew existed, is working on this guy:


A MP-like G1 sized Ramhorn!  Awesome!  I hope they make the other Autobot Cassettes so that G1 Blaster at least can match MP tapes with Soundwave.   Also, we know FOC Blaster will have his own Autobot data discs, most of which are just repaints of the ‘cons, but he IS getting Ramhorn, who I’m hoping is the Ratbat of the Autobot discs.  I still think they should do Slugfest and Overkill for Soundwave…it seems like it would be easy enough.  I would love to see all of them made, but again, that line is running against the clock so we’ll see what happens.

Now its your turn.  Have something you’re hoping for?  Even if its just a concept, post it here and share your ideas!  With PRIME’s Beast Hunter line taking the series in a….unique..direction, and FOC likely winding down, I’m not sure what Hasbro will have in store for us, so we might as well brainstorm, right?

Coming up: Retail FOC Bruticus with a little twist, Hearts of Steel Starscream and more!

Stay tuned!


  1. That’s good money that can be put towards transformers, don’t waste it on the lottery!

    My wish list includes more MP Autobot car releases such as Prowl & company, new mold Sunstreaker and a Porsche Jazz!

  2. I would love to see them make Sunstreaker to go with Sideswipe! I mean, they already have the license. Prowl would be amazing too, we could use a good Prowl!

  3. I am very excited about the Mp-13 Soundwave and his cassettes! I dig the cassettes too!
    I’ve been on the fence on the two 3rd party not-devastator sets. They both look sweet, but so expensive. Since you have Hercules, where do you store the hands when in vehicle or individual robot mode? Also, does anyone have a preference on which set is better? I heard Hercules has better plastic quality than Giant. Have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Scott, you too!

      I love my Hercules Devastator. The individual Constructicons are very well designed and Devs is very sturdy when assembled. I did get the upgrade “rage” set just so he has broader shoulders, but its really not necessary. The hands can store on the backs of Scavanger and Bonecrusher and the fingers fold/curl under the vehicle, but honestly, I just leave them off. The old G1 combiners worked that way and I was fine with it, I’m find with it now.

      “Giant” is a touch smaller, and less expensive, so I presume he’s made of lighter plastic. However, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive so it seems he’s just as good. I don’t like his head sculpt, but that’s just me. The big draw for Giant is that you can get him in G2 yellow (I believe they’re shipping the second run soon).

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