FansProject Function X-1: Code

Otherwise known as Chromedome.


Other than TJ over at Kuma Style, I haven’t seen anyone else talking about this guy. For my part, I think he’s quite a cool figure! But..for some reason, the “nay-Sayers” came out in DROVES to pan this thing before it even shipped out. So lets take a look as to what the deal is with this G1-esque Headmaster!

As I mentioned, I do really enjoy this toy a lot. I think he’s well constructed, exceptionally well painted, and is a lot of fun to transform!


Chromedome comes with only two simple (but white trimmed!) Sniper rifles, that can be held in his hands or stored behind his forearms.


His coloring is very much reminiscent of his original G1 scheme and I wonder if that’s not part of what caused some of the Negativity. You see, Chromedome has a pretty prominent role in IDWs More Than Meets The Eye, and looks like this:


(God someone needs to make Skids…). Anyway, FansProject focused on recreating the original G1 toy, who’s character art looked like this:


So you can see, aside from some variations in colors, he’s really spot on. A lot of criticism was directed at the relatively cheap look to the toy as well, but no one seemed to want to wait until he was in hand. Apart from limited shoulder range, Chromedome features all of the dynamic articulation we’ve come to expect from one of the best 3rd Party companies out there:


His head can even look down, which is impressive considering the headmaster gimmick. And speaking of which: the head sculpt is outstanding. Look at the paint job on this thing!


Again, the colors are not exactly the same as G1, but when are they ever? Hardly an issue on my book (though I’d buy an IDW head for him in a second!).


Chromedome’s Headmaster partner, Stylor, looks awesome too. For such a tiny figure, his face is impressively detailed. He features the same articulation as the old G1 headmasters, but I mean, what do you want, he’s tiny.


And of course, he fits into the cockpit of the car, like so. He even pegs in so he stays put!

Alt-mode rocks too. As before, Chromedome transforms into a Cybertronian sport car, with his rifles loaded on top. The car itself features some cool detailing:


Though he could stand for some Reprolable love for sure.


Chromedome was sold through many of the online stores as a Holiday promotion. Basically each retailer would donate $20 of his price to a charity, so not only do you get a cool Transformer, but you’re helping out those in need a little too. However, I suspect this has some to do with the negative feedback the figure received. Take a look at the packaging:


While very nice and featuring a cools rendition of Chromedome on the side:


It is, for the most part, quite plain. The instructions, which most fans have come to anticipate a cool comic to explain the figure, are straight forward pictures (though very well done and easy to follow).


I think, in all honesty, Fansproject promised this promotion to the retailers and had to rush the final project out the door a bit, and that’s why we’re missing some of the bells and whistles. It does not warrant a negative result in the toy itself though, and I highly recommend picking him up!

One cool aspect of the instructions though, the last page features a cool teaser pic of Chromedome battling the next release who I hope is Weirdwolf (sure looks like him)! I’m in for these guys for sure! I’m looking forward to Brainstorm as well.

So that’s my take. We’ll be sticking with the FansProject theme with the Holiday Insecticons set next.

Don’t change that dial!


  1. I actually thought about getting this guy. I have serious reservations about third party products, but the price on this guy was just too good. I missed the deadline, however. I still might look into the secondary market for this guy.

  2. He is very cool, and Fansproject is a really well trusted company at this point in terms of general quality with each figure. I really wanted a Chromedome so I couldn’t really resist, but the others in the line look to be just as great, if you want to hold off for someone else. I’m fairly confident at this point that Weirdwolf will be the next release.

  3. Got him coming in next week! He looks great! Probably will be my first headmaster styled figure here in a while and would love to see Fansproject release the other Headmasters.

    Fansproject won’t disappoint me here so that’s good from looking at the pictures here. They need to release more Headmasters for sure.

    1. Mine too, as I don’t consider my “butcher” headmaster anything other than Turmoil. They are indeed releasing more, so keep your eyes peeled!

    1. Thanks TJ! I agree, I look forward to the rest of this like and whatever else they have in store!

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