FansProject Crossfire: Causality Holiday Set

The Deluxe Insecticons were somewhat of a rarity back in the day, though I do remember a neighbor got a hold of one. Luckily FansProject comes to the rescue!


Following the last post, we return to an older product by FansProject, retooled and repainted from the original Insecticons (albeit ninjas..) to the second release, deluxe Insecticons, Barrage, Chopshop & Ransack.

While the box is relatively plain, there is a animated picture on the side:


So lets take a look at the individual bots, one by one.

Chopshop, or Breakdown as he’s called for legal purposes, is a repainted and retooled version of Shrapnel.


I love his coloring and design. As with other FP toys, he’s quite poseable, though mine has VERY tight joints which isn’t a bad thing, but he needs a bit of force to get things moving..


The new head sculpt is amazing, the yellow eyes are a very nice touch!


In the back, the insect legs fold nicely flat, keeping them out of the way:


Transforming isn’t too difficult, it’s a little fiddely, especially folding the arms into the legs..but the end result is outstanding:


His alt-mode beetle is very successful! The mandibles in front are so cool, and he balances on his insect legs perfectly!


His rifle stores in between his robot legs in kind of a goofy manner, and the hands stick out in a somewhat obvious way, but other than that, Chopshop is a great update to the G1 toy and just looks great!

Now lets take a look at Ransack or “Plunder”. Unfortunately, like Botcon’s Kick-off, his colors are a bit hard to photograph, but he looks amazing!


The neon orange wings have to be my favorite feature, very striking! As a gift with this set, buyers received a duplicate set of weapons to use on either the first version of the Insecticons, of for other figures. I gave Ransack two rifles, mainly because of how they store in big-mode.


His back is a bit more “kibbley” than the others but everything does fold and collapse well enough.


I feel he’s a bit more flexible than the other two. He’s very well balanced as well dispute the wings on the back.


I love his head sculpt and the red visor is awesome. Very Decepticon! Some people do not like his antenna on the head, and mine pop right out on a peg. So if its not your thing, you can take the. Right off. I like them though, as they are G1 accurate.

Transforming him is unfortunately a nightmare for me. His arms a so dang putzy, you, and many parts flip around. There’s sound logic behind it, but it requires practice to get it down. Once you do though, you have a pretty sweet Death Grasshopper in your hands:


I think Ransack is my favorite in but mode. The other two have more sturdy builds but they’re also quite similar. Ransack stands out being a Grasshopper, and the black yellow and orange are a great combination.


As with the others, the guns store in bug-mode, but seems Ransack’s store on the outside of his legs, I liked the look better with two rifles, it’s more symmetrical.

Finally there’s Barrage ( or Blockade). While Ransack is my favorite Bug-mode, Barrage is easily my favorite In Robot mode:


Barrage is the figure my neighbor had and I’ve always remembered his green and yellow colors. Now I have this most excellent remake of him and I couldn’t be happier!


As with Chopshop, his joints are super tight, but again that’s actually a good thing. I love his rifle, which is very much similar to G1 Bombshell’s. But just look at that mug of his!!


It’s just so flipping awesome! The eyes are so well painted, they’re perfect!

I do have Causality Bombshell, he’s the only one of the first series I own, so lets take a look at them side by side:


They actually look really cool together. And because I have the mold already, transforming Barrage is a snap (he is the easiest for sure):


I like him more than Bombshell mainly because of the forelegs, which are not ninja weapons…


As a group, these guys are super impressive and would look great in any collection, I keep mine with my post-’87 movie ‘Cons:



So there we go! As with all FansProject Holiday exclusives, these guys are going to jump I price fast, so if you’re looking to grab them, better do it now.

More coming up, including a return to the second wave of Fall of Cybertron deluxes. Stay tuned!


  1. Awesome! Would love to get these guys! But can’t shell money for em right now…..Good looking set all around.

  2. Well, unfortunately, they are a bit on the pricey side, but as a set actually not bad. They’re a great looking bunch for sure, plus they’re NOT ninjas….lol.

    1. They’re a great addition, but I think they’ll really look nice once they get a little reprolable love! They definitely need some Decepticon logos!

  3. I really really love these guys, but I hate the price. I wish they would’ve sold them individually as all I really wanted was “Chop Shop”. Nice review BTW.

  4. Thanks Flywheels! Yeah, they do command a premium 3rd party price tag which is unfortunate. But who knows, they may eventually sell them individually like the original series, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled!

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