My Collection – Robot Mode

What good are Transformers if you don’t…you know…transform them? So, every few months, I transform my whole collection, a process that legitimately takes a few days seems I have and stuff, lol.


Anyway, it’s about that time, so before I transform every one into alt-mode, I thought I would showcase my collection in Robot mode.


This is shelf one. It’s my BotCon/timelines/post animated movie ‘Cons/combiner shelf.


Shelf two, which is mostly random ‘Cons. Above this shelf is my Soundwave specials, but I’ll show that off when MP Soundwave arrives.


Center Shelves 3&4- Classics, FoC, MPs ‘Cons and ‘Bots.


Finally shelf 5, detloff. Top to bottom we have Wreckers/Kup’s crew, MTMTE IDW, IDW RID/Autobot resitance, and last: Metroplex with Legends and Mini-bots.

And also, my Desk Guardian:


Nuthin’ left to do but get to work…

Stay Tuned!


  1. Nice varied collection. I guess with transforming them all so often it helps knock the dust off.

  2. Lol, yeah I usually dust more often, but with the Holidays and all….I’ll get it done during transformations.

  3. Why thank you! I cannot stand clutter, but I’ll admit, its getting harder and harder. I need more room. Or new shelves. Mostly new shelves.

  4. Gotta make time for what you love, right? (Jeeze, don’t tell my wife I said that…lol) – But yeah, I mean, that’s where the fun is!

  5. nice display of collection shots. Everyday I probably pick up a TF here and there and transform them, but no transforming marathons for me. Maybe I should lol. Nice new look of the blog btw.

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