Special Edition “Enkore” W-Cassettes Black Version

Ok, there’s no way around it…this is going to be weird. We’re going to take a look at an “exclusive” set of KO W-cassettes. Yes, exclusive KOs..you read that right:


Packaged in a mono-chrome box, Noise, Graphy, Dial & Saur return to the KO world, decked out all in black! Designed specifically after the Takara Encore series, the Dino’s box imitates the “Big Operation” reissues of the other G1 Cassettes. And yes, that totally says ” Enkore”. With a K. For “KO” I guess.


The back of the package is beautifully rendered in the same monochrome style, but more importantly, we get the tech specs/bios and really well done pictures of the animation models for both Leg Out
and Decibel!



Taking them out of the box, we get reproduced instructions, VERY well made bio cards, and all 8 weapons in bright chrome silver :



The number of sets produced was limited to only 150. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but it doesn’t really add too much to the value of these guys, give that they are KOs. However, I am going to keep them mint in box and not apply the stickers, which are also done all in black:


Lets take a look at the dinos –


Dial and Saur are in decent shape. Unlike the normal version, these guys do suffer from some pretty legitimate mold breakdown. However, they still are able to combine in robot mode:


For what it’s worth, Leg Out’s face is very defined, which is nice.


While Graphy suffers the worst of the Mold breakdown, Noise is near perfect. Even his weapons fit nice and snug without being too tight. They both combine well enough, but due to Graphy’s bum wing, he doesn’t stand very well, even with his ahead of his time ankle support..


While I love the fact that these guys are “exclusive”, I honestly regret the money I spent and could only recommend the to the most die-hard of Cassette fans (which is me, so I don’t regret the money THAT much…)

More to come! Stay tuned!


  1. The mold breakdown is what I’m really worried about with KO stuff. I’m also worried that these guys will never be reissued by Tomy because the molds fell into the hands of a bootlegger. I don’t know if that’s true or not, just a feeling I have. And the thing that’s upsetting about these particular KOs is the fact that they’re still expensive! I mean they’re cheaper than the originals, but still too much for a KO, I feel.

    1. I wouldn’t argue with any of that man, the price for these is way too high. All I can reiterate is that it’s only for those who HAVE to have them, everyone else shouldn’t bother with this. The “Original” KO versions are good enough, mine are in great shape.

  2. Aaaarrgghh! KO’s! The bane of my existence. At least these are significantly different from the real ones so that no one will be confused. Although they are getting pretty cheeky about it…

    1. Yeah…sorry Ark…I normally don’t touch KOs, but these..well..these are Stand-ins. I don’t have the 3 grand to buy originals. 😦

  3. Well these aren’t so bad, its just the ones that try to “fool” you into thinking they are originals that get me. These do have a certain collectable aspect though, so I guess it’s okay 🙂

    1. Well don’t be too sore at me Ark, but I have all four of the “fooling” kind too. But I never claim they’re originals. It’s like having a fake Rolex, you don’t want to draw attention to it one way or another.

      1. No, no it’s not you. What gets me are the people who make these things and then intentionally don’t add any distinguishing marks so anyone trying to get the originals can be fooled. Or the sellers that sell them as originals. But I’m actually glad more people can have these figures since they are so hard to find originally because they are a lot of fun.

      2. Well I’m glad you’re not peeved at me! I got a few direct emails from readers saying I shouldn’t promote these things. If it weren’t for then being cassettes, I wouldn’t care, but I do live the W-cassettes so much!

        I have seen ebay listings for them claiming they are originals, when clearly they aren’t. People are jerks. Lol

  4. If you got messages “hating” your promotion of these KOs, then I bet they aren’t reading (or like) my KO Korner posts!

    I had no idea these black versions existed. Pretty cool looking, including the box. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Well In sure they don’t Flywheels! Lol. They are a pretty neat set, I’m glad I have the regulars too so I can keep these guys in the box.

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