TW-T01 Grind Rod – AKA Toy World Rollbar

Title Pic

Lets take a look at Toy World’s first Throttlebot – Rollbar!  Toy World sort of surprised the community when these guys first were announced, mainly because for the company, they’re following on the heels of TW-01 Hegemon, otherwise known as The Best Megatron ever made (In my own, humble opinion…of course).   So to follow up Megatron with a relatively obscure sub-group like the Throttlebots and even more so with Rollbar, well, it was a bold play.  And it worked like a frickin’ charm.

Robot Mode

Let’s start with his Robot mode –

For as compact as he is in vehicle mode, he opens up to be a very sturdy, poseable robot:


I added the Autobot symbol on his chest.  It’s really all he needs in my opinion.   His detailing and paint aps are so well done, he doesn’t really need any other stickers or anything, though if Reprolables creates a set, I wouldn’t be against it at all.

His articulation is top-notch.  Despite a lack of ankle joints, just about every other joint on his body is ball-jointed.   While flexibility is touch limited, simply due to his design, he’s still capable of any number of poses –


I really like his pistol too.  As you can see, it’s his spare tire in alt-mode –


His head sculpt, while a little on the plain side, is still very nice and I like the shade of tan-yellow they used for his face, as it works really well with the light blue of his eyes/light piping:


Again, its a bit plain, but there ‘s a lot of subtle detail, like the ‘moustache’ look his mouth section forms.  The light piping works great too, however, the panel on his back can get in the way, as we see quite often in other figures, but with the right angle, his eyes shine nice and bright:


Surprisingly, he has a very nice waist swivel/joint  as well, something I tend to take for granted on the figures that have it, and miss terribly on the figures that don’t:


He has some back-kibble, I suppose, but I really like how it looks – the rear tire wells fold behind him and peg together.  I really like tires being featured as party of the robot’s anatomy so this to me is just fine and dandy:


It also serves to keep the roof panel from alt-mode nice and snug folded up on his back.  The spring-shock’s molded into the design are just another example of how well this guy is detailed as well! The details really shine in alt-mode though so let’s take a look!

Altmode copy

The transformation is quite fun, although, I have to admit, I usually have some trouble with the roof panel, as it can be a touch fiddily, but its a minor complaint.  It will also pop off if you put too much pressure on it, so that’s a good thing –


IMG_2001 IMG_1999 IMG_1998

Which brings us back to the detailing  Look at how many different detailed paint aps there are on this toy.  From the head lights and fog lights, to the gas cap and rear view mirrors, Rollbar features some of the most delicate, well done paint apps I’ve ever seen.  There aren’t even any smudges or mistakes (at least on mine).  Some people have an issue with the shade of green they used, but frankly, I like it a lot!




The only thing I think might be cool to add, and it would be more of a reprolables thing – would be the old G1 “landscape” windows/windshield design.  I’m not sure if that would look right or not though.  I’m totally fine with them all being black.

Something that took everyone by surprise however, is the rumor, which later proved true that not only was Toy World doing all 6 Throttlebots, but that they would COMBINE into a Gestalt Robot!  SAY WHAAAAAAAAAA?   And sure enough, there’s a very good bet that Rollbar will likely be a foot:


At first I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea, but the more I think about it, the more I’m on board.  Depending on how they go about it of course.  While Rollbar himself did not come with any combiner parts, the box would seem to indicate that future releases will as there is a TON of extra room in his packaging.



Rollbar comes in a nice, color matched box –

IMG_1986 IMG_1987 IMG_1989

I like that we see a preview of Searchlight, the next figure in the line, and I’m VERY excited for him.  And Chase. And Freeway..okay, all of them!


Inside, we get a nice, easy to read instruction sheet, a VERY nice, plastic bio card, and Rollbar himself.  You can see just how much extra room is under his plastic shelf.    The bio card feels as strong as a credit card, no lie:

IMG_1991 IMG_1992


Finally, let’s take a look at how he measures up with some others:

Size Comps


While my G1 Rollbar is en route (Euro-Classics, MISB), I figured I’d use Freeway here as they’re all the same size.  But more importantly, lets see how he scales next to Toy World’s Megatron:


I love this shot.  Great work Toy World…KEEP IT UP!!!!   As you can see, he’s roughly deluxe sized, perhaps a touch smaller than Classics/RTS but pretty average with current deluxes, just much more filled out.

I really like Rollbar, and I’m very excited to see the rest of the line.  At his price, around 70.00 USD, he may not be for everyone though, as again, the Throttlebots are a bit of an obscure sub-group of G1.  For fans of them though, you couldn’t ask for better!


Next up, (I feel like there should be fanfare here….) Masterpiece Soundwave and Laserbeak, the physical embodiment of my G1 Cassette love!


Stay Tuned!



  1. I have this guy too. He’s a solid toy. I love the painted shocks on him, even if they’re molded on.

  2. Awesome review! OMG, he looks so good. I have been pre-ordering so many 3rd party figs lately, I would feel guilty if I got Rollbar too. But damn he looks good…

    1. Thanks HP! Yeah, Im really excited for the others! And yeah, so much 3rd party goodness!

  3. Toy World has thrown down the guantlet with Grindrod. I’ve got both Hardbone and Aurora coming so I can only hope they are equally as awesome!

    1. They’ll probably be better! Hardbone looks absolutely Awesome! I can’t wait for Aurora either!

  4. Nice review! really nice pics. As a huge fan of Hegemon (the best Megatron you can buy), I was curious about the Throttlebots. He turned out really nicely, but I don’t have enough of a nostalgic tie to them to drop the $70. If they do all combine, though, I’ll probably try to pick them all up. It’ll sting the wallet, but I love me some Combiners. A new set of Combiners would be really awesome!

    1. Yeah, that’s what happened with me too. I don’t feel strongly towards Rollbar one way or another, but I took a chance and once again Toy World did great! I’m very excited for the rest of the team though, and yeah, if they combine, so awesome!

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