FansToys FT-03 “QUAKEWAVE” (aka MP Shockwave)

“Predictably, you don’t understand the importance of this discovery..” Shockwave, FOC

I can’t think of a better quote to explain this figure. Without further delay, lets take a look at the unofficial Masterpiece Shockwave!


FansToys has created something beyond what we are normally accustomed to with 3rd Party companies: a relatively affordable, fully devolved masterpiece quality of the fan favorite Decepticon: Shockwave! Everything about this toy screams quality, so lets start by taking a look at Shockwave in robot mode:

Robot Mode


To begin with, Shockwave is HEAVY. While I don’t normally consider die cast metal a make of break thing, FansToys utilized large panels of it which gives Shocks a lot of weight. Luckily it works very well!


The head sculpt is absolutely perfect, and the detailing in the chest is just amazing! I believe the inner mechanics are die cast as well.


Articulation is everything you would expect from a true Masterpiece, and I mean that, there’s no joint that doesn’t move.


His hand has individually articulated fingers. And they’re quite sturdy, no popping off like some of the MP series.


Which of course means he can hold Megatron.

Oh and did I mention he has LED lighting? Yeah, he has friggin LED lighting in his eye and blaster-hand!


And they are SUPER bright LEDs too.

His transformation is very simple yet so very effective, it’s nearly identical to his G1 ancestor. So lets look at his alt-mode:

Altmode copy


The gun mode is just amazing! Naturally the LED works again, and everything pegs in to create a very sturdy solid blaster.


The grip fits comfortably in hand, at least for me, and the weight of the die cast gives him a very realistic weight.


He is identical to the G1 design. You can’t ask for more.


Shockwave comes in a very nice, MP-like box –



And is designed to open with ease so you can always repackage hi at a later time –


Size Comps

Finally we’ll compare him to MP Soundwave, as FansToys has stayed in the same post-mp10 scale!


Though he’s considerably more heavy!

“Soundwave, put that down…”


So there we have it. This is a true must buy for those who collect Masterpiece Transformers. With all the new releases slated, it’s unclear if Takara will make a Shockwave, so this is a sure bet and I can’t recommend him enough!

“Buying me is the only logical course of action…”

Up next we’ll take a look at Mech Ideas Wrecking Crüe!

Stay Tuned!



  1. Awesome pics! It truly is a fantastic looking toy. The lights really take it to another level.

  2. I was hoping this guy wouldn’t tempt me…but that is quickly not becoming the case here!

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