Mech Ideas Apex & Geminias (aka Twintwist and Topspin)

Let’s take a quick look at Mech Ideas first foray into the 3rd party toy arena with these two excellent figures: Apex and Geminias, otherwise known as the Jumpstarter brothers Twintwist and Top Spin


Aside from having Twintwist as a  a kid and not thinking too much about him, these two really didn’t enter my radar until Last Stand of the Wreckers, where  its explained that they share a branched spark.  They can basically feel each other’s pain.


So along comes Mech Ideas out of the blue with Apex and Geminias, their take on Twintwist and Topspin – Sweet!  So let’s get into it and take a look at these awesome dudes –

Robot Mode


Robot mode for these guys is where they TRULY shine.  Don’t get me wrong, their vehicle modes are quite nice too, but they’re a little less impressive.  These guys are SUPER articulated.  Ball jointed heads, shoulder rotation and extension, double jointed elbows, waist rotation, ball jointed hips, knee flex AND Ankle tilts, these guys have it all –


They each come with two blasters and a hammer, meticulously painted in metallic gun metal grey –


And given their flexibility, they can wield them quite well!


There’s very little back kibble as well, which is quite nice!


Even when you store the weapons, everything looks to be right where it should be.   I should point out, the hammer just sits in between the back pack sections.  It doesn’t peg in, but sits nice and secure back there and out of the way.


They are just an awesome set of figures.  Let’s take a look at their vehicle modes:

Altmode copy


Topspin and Twintwist transform into a cybertronian skiff (of sorts) and drill tank respectively.  The G1 toys did a good job of this, Mech Ideas does a better job.  Transformation is easy, efficient and does a great job converting them into their vehicles –


The transformations are identical, and the weapons store in the same way on both toys.   The detailing makes both look distinctive enough and looks amazing!


The hammers break apart and tuck in under the back sections…


Forming rear exhaust ports/thrusters:



Mech Ideas did something quite amazing with the packaging – they used blister packs for the two figures:


Designed to slip right out from the plastic, this allow for perfect repackaging and no damage to the box at all! Brilliant!


They even did a whole retro-design for the back with the bio and tech specs.   So awesome.

Size Comps

Finally, just to show off how they size up, here they are with RTS Jazz – a little on the short side but they still fit in for classics (or FOC).


Get these guys.  You won’t regret it.

Reminder – today (2/28/13) is the last day of the One Year Anniversary Contest!   You have until tomorrow to enter!  Just share, like, retweet or subscribe, its that easy.  (Don’t worry if you missed it, we’re having another one like right away…)

Up next, we’ll take a look at Fall of Cybertron Blaster.  Don’t Change that Dial!




  1. Awesome set there, might have to look into these guys.
    I’m Glad that they’re offered in a set.

    1. I believe you can get themas well, but most if not all people buy them as a set. They’re awesome!

      1. For what I see the pricing on em the set option’s the best way to go! Looks like a lot of great Transformers Releases are coming out now or being announced both in 3rd Party,Takara,and Hasbro too.

        Are these guys slightly bigger than scout classes? that last picture of em with the Deluxe figure look like they’re near to Scout Class size…

  2. These guys look so great! I love how they’re so super poseable. I’ve never been that impressed with Topspin’s alt-mode, but I doubt I’ll be displaying him in alt-mode anyway. Double fisting that hammer is the way to go!

    I also love the damaged head that’s included. Super cool!

  3. I’ve got these guys sitting in my BBTS Pile of Loot. Can’t wait to get these in hand!

  4. I’ve been waiting on a review on these guys. This is going to be my first 3rd party purchase and wanted to make sure they were good. They’re ordered! Great review!

  5. These figures look great, and are *VERY* impressive in hand!

    While I have parted with many figures recently from my collection, I’ve kept the G1 Jumpstarters! -I’d love to add these two figures to compliment those two figures!

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