KFC CST01SG Rhinohorn (Evil Ver.)



Lets take a quick look at this new product from a third party company with quite an interesting name: KFC (Keith’s Fantasy Club) CST-01SG Rhinohorn (Evil Ver.) –


Obviously this is an Unofficial Shattered Glass Ramhorn. While KFC is releasing a regular Ramhorn soon, they kicked things off with the SG version likely due to the EHobby SG Soundwave vs Blaster that recently became available.

Besides a great cover art, and the pink cassette case (matching the new MP Cassettes), you get a bio card in the box with the instructions.


Ramhorn himself comes in tape mode and features some really nice paint aps on the cassette, including “KF Club” which is an interesting choice.


One detail I really like is that they added the actual tape reel running along the bottom of the cassette (part of it becomes the tail).


One thing you’ll notice right away is that Ramhorn is thick in cassette mode. Not by a lot, but noticeable, as you can see here.


While he fits in G1 Blaster –


His thickness prevents a second cassette from fitting inside.


His Transformation is easy enough and basically involves splitting the tape in half and folding out the head and legs.


While I like him a lot, there are a few issues. First, the only true design issue I have is that the sides in rhino mode are not supported, so they tend to fold inward a bit. It’s not a big problem but it just feels like it needs support. The only other issue I have is that they added pupils to the eyes. I don’t get why they would do this, as it looks kinda goofy to me. But it’s easy to fix.

The head is on a ball joint which allows for some great poses:


Size wise he’s quite big compared to G1 Ramhorn:


He fits in quite nice with the MP cassettes –


All in all he’s a really cool figure and while I think there’s room for improvement in the design, for a first attempt at making an improvement on the old G1 Designs I think KFC did a really nice job with Ramhorn!

Coincidently, I fixed the eyes on mine with some simple reprolables cut with a hobby knife. I also added a Reprolable rub sign too!


More to come, so stay tuned!





  1. Sweet, can’t wait for mine to arrive. Using him as a minion for MP Soundwave.
    I actually like the eye pupils. Def going to get a faction symbol for it.

    1. Yeah, you can kinda do anything with him, make him a Regular ‘Bot or ‘Con, i mean, how many redecos of Laserbeak are there, right?

    1. He’s sturdy. I think it’ll vary buy each one, but his joints are tight. Mine’s sides sent to want to bend in on the hinge but I’ve seen others that are perfect.

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