TW-02 Aurora – ToyWorld’s SEARCHLIGHT

I’m a little Johnny-Come-Lately here but I wanted to take a look at the next ToyWorld Throttlebot – Aurora, otherwise known as Searchlight!


His transformation to Robot mode is very similar to Rollbar’s however, there have been some slight tweaks to the mold for a little more ease.


His head-sculpt is great and so very G1 accurate! And his light piping works very well, much like Rollbar’s.


In alt-mode, Searchlight is a very well detailed SUV, and again ToyWorld did a fantastic job of detailing. The only downside is that he no longer has his Rally Car lights on the hood (probably because he’s no longer a rally car….)


He matches up with Rollbar perfectly and honestly, I can’t wait to see what the others look like.


They also gave him a personalized plate as well which is just a great touch! Behind the plate is a peg hole which may come into play with the combiner mode but that’s nothing but speculation.

Finally here’s the video review:

Next up, The Stunticons!

Stay Tuned –


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