KFC CST-01 Rhinohorn (J)

Time to take a look at KFC’s regular version of Ramhorn –


The packaging colors are reversed from the Shattered Glass version, and while his colors are the G1 version, he’s still the same quality figure – though I feel like the plastic is more polished this time around:


His colors are spot on from the G1 original –


And he matches up well with the whole Ramhorn “family”.

There is one thing I forgot to mention last time and it was brought to my attention by a reader who emailed me – whether or not he fits into Device Label Blaster’s chest –


And yep – he sure does! Though admittedly the door doesn’t close 100% – there’s just a small gap.

Finally, I went ahead and “fixed” his eyes again. This time I used bright yellow –


All in all this guy is a great second run for this great little guy. KFC is doing a great job with these, and I’m truly looking forward to what they come out with next!


More to come! Stay tuned –


  1. Thanks for the picture with Device Label Blaster. I just got it a few days ago and literally moments ago ordered the KFC cassettes for it. Just so happened I got the BBTS email just before I got your article.

    You’re right on time!

  2. What’s up with the eyeball? Are they trying to emulate the cartoon look? I don’t remember him having eyeballs in the cartoon. At any rate, they’re kind of jarring. The rest of the figure looks great, however. Great review! Keep it up!

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