UT-02 Iron Head (aka Head Strong)

As Combiner Week continues, we’re going to look at the next release by Unique Toys in their “Not-Predacons”, Iron Head!


Since the release of War Hawk, Unique Toys fixed quite a few issues with their packaging –


For one, they actually cut out the window on the box, as well as added a nice textured surface.


They spruced up the back too showing more detail on all three modes.


Head Strong himself is quite nice. As an updated G1 figure, he has the articulation needed to allow for poseability, and he does have more articulation than War Hawk, but still nothing earth shattering.


He comes with a long sword again, and while similar to Dive Bomb’s, the hilt has a different design.


His head sculpt is spot on and makes me excited to see Rampage and Razor Claws. The head is on a swivel so it can turn but not look up and down.


He looks really good with Dive Bomb. You can see how different the colors will be for each member.


I really like his Rhino mode! You can keep the head un-pegged so it can pivot and the mouth opens as well.

The cool part is that the cannons can attach ( which I suppose is a given seems the G1s did too).


But under each barrel is a switch, activating LEDs!


That are exceptionally bright!


I love this. It’ll look great on Predaking, especially seems the cannons have some amazing details, including the UT label hidden in the mechanics!

So all in all, he’s great and it’s good to know Unique Toys is continuing to improve on these guys. I believe Tantrum is next but so far no release date is known.

Here’s the video:


Stay tuned for more Combiner Week!


  1. I was so dead against these guys, but you have made them a little more desirable. Now if only there was enough money to go around to buy everything I like/want!

  2. I know man, they have some tough competition and its easy to find faults with so much these days, so I kinda feel like I’m on a crusade to have people give them a shot at least. Glad it’s working a little, I’m very happy with them on my shelf!

  3. There have been some really good improvements on this guy over Warhawk in terms of packaging and overall engineering and design. It really bodes well for the set as a whole!

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