TFC F-15 Eagle (aka Air Raid)

Lets switch gears for a bit and take a look at TFC’s Air Raid. Being the ONLY Autobot combiner being produced at the moment (by a 3rd party), they’re worth investigating, so lets dive in!


On scale with TFC’s Constructicons, the Arielbots stand a bit taller than regular deluxe class figures, but smaller than Voyager class.


They feature roughly the same articulation as the Constructicons, which is quite nice.

AirRaid has always been my favorite of the team, and so far he’s my favorite of the TFC versions too.


His missiles can be stored in his hands or on his arms. While I know it’s a sore subject, I have to say, I’m quite happy that TFC will release an upgrade kit that includes G1 styled pistols for the limb members.


The head sculpt has grown on me quite a bit. I like that he has a sort of cocky-smirk/ smile.


I tend to keep the nose cone split with the parts on his back. It helps keep the back assembly sturdy, without flopping around, as there is nothing that pegs in on the back, which is a big of a negative with the design.

In jet mode, he really looks amazing:


And what’s nice – the foot of Superion serves as a stand for the jet mode, which is really quite ingenious.


As for the jet mode itself, it’s quite a well designed and beautify painted figure. It could easily pass as a model kit on your desk:


The cockpit even opens! And I must say, the thrusters look perfect!


So all in all, he’s quite nice, and as a somewhat necessity given that they are the only Autobots around, I’m happy with him. It’ll be interesting to see what else comes out down the road.

Stay tuned for Fire Flight!

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