Eagle’s ESW – Fall of Cybertron Cassette SWOOP!

Here is one if the coolest things I’ve been able to get my hands on:


Hand built by TFw Board member, Eagle, this is a G1 sized cassette, who transforms into The beloved dinobot Swoop, as he looked in Fall of Cybertron!


Unpainted but molded in colored, sturdy plastic, he features some incredible detail, Swoop was hand built and designed by Eagle and so, there are less than 20 in circulation. Hopefully well see the design sold to a company who can las produce the figure!


In Dactyl mode, he looks spot on to his game design, and while the figure is quite loose at the joints (being a hand built figure), his wings hold their positions and he’s similar in size to G1 laser beak.


His head sculpt is incredible, with light piped eyes, an opening beak, and even a symbol molded into his beak (though if you look close, it’s a ‘con symbol! Lol).

I hope this guy gets mass produced, I think everyone would be quite happy with him! There may be more coming from Eagle so stay tuned!


Here’s the video review:



  1. Awesome. And here I thought you were debuting something new from KFC! It appears that Eagle has done an awesome job here.

  2. People bug the hell out of me trying to buy this. Looks even cooler if you have made a custom Grimlock cassette

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