TFC Harrier II (Aka Slingshot)

I was able to pick up the fourth member of the Uranos Combiner team, Harrier II at TFCon. With Superion nearly complete, I was pretty happy to get a hold of SlingShot.


As for the packaging, he comes in the same boxes as the others, with the same excellent art work –


So, he’s pretty cool, he shares the same basic mold as Fireflight – in that they’re both basically the “arm”s of Superion.


And that’s not a bad thing. These guys have been very successfully built (aside from the slight issues with Silverbolt).

Slingshot has a very G1 accurate head sculpt, at first I was a little turned off by the silver tabs on his face, but I’ve actually gotten to like it –


In robot mode he’s pretty excellent –


The back-pack works surprisingly well as well, just like the others, the share the G1 style –


Jet mode is excellent as well – TFC has done a great job of keeping them very realistic –


He even has accurate landing gears for the VTOL, which is awesome –


He of course, comes with Superion’s hand – which I have to say, is very Gundam-like in style –


Arm mode is easy enough to accomplish, though as you’ll see in the video, the wings can be a bit of a hassle until you memorize the placement…


So there we go – I should get Falcon (Skydive) in early this next week, so I’ll have more of the Arielbots coming up soon (but also the Predacons, *wink*)

Here’s the video:

Stay tuned for more!


  1. Captured Prey was set up directly across from my booth this weekend @ Charticon, but they sold out of Harrier II before I could get back there. At least I didn’t walk away completely empty handed, but more on that later!

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