TFC F-16 “Falcon” Skydive

Here he is, the fifth and final member of the TFC Uranos team: Falcon, or as he’s commonly known as: Skydive.


I have to admit, he’s easily my favorite. While I love AirRaid in his black and red, Skydive has a far better and really good looking head-sculpt.


The grated faceplate is very unique! It has a very “Fallen” look to him. Another feature that is really hitting me just right is the false cockpit. The real cockpit is on his back with the nosecone, but TFC added the false cockpit to the chest, which is just awesome.

He comes with two missiles, as do the other three limbs, which peg into his arms –


Due to his transformation, his wings fold up quite nicely in back, leaving him mostly “Kibble-free”.


His alt-mode is just as excellent as the others, with a very realistic, F-16 Fighting Falcon design:


His cockpit opens as usual, though it’s a little plain.


His tailfin has “SDIVE” on it as well, which is awesome:


The only real issue I have with him, is that the tail-fin doesn’t tab together that well, but its a pretty minor issue.

The underside is very compact as well, which is nice, though its’ worth pointing out, he does not have slots for the “foot stand” connection. Harrier II does, though, so it’s not wasted:


And the single rear turbine thruster it painted metallic as well, which is really nice, and collapses up into his legs in robot mode –


He also turns into a Leg!


(more on that later)

Finally, for a nice cross section size comparison, here he is with Voyager Springer and ToyWorld’s Searchlight:


He’s really awesome!

But sit tight because we’ll take a look at at Superion next –

Here’s the video:

Stay Tuned!

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