TFC – Combiner team Uranos: SUPERION

So here he is, the big lug himself, all combined and ready to take down some decepticons –


As the first 3rd party Autobot combiner, I have to say, I think TFC did a commendable job here. There are, of course, some issues here and there, but for the most part, they created a G1 reminiscent Superion that looks and feels (transforms) very similar to the original team.


Each limb member transforms roughly in the same fashion. Silverbolt, while still just a robot strapped to a Blackbird, does his job as the center of Superion.

The head sculpt leave people on either side of the fence:


Some people do not like the eyes/visor and vacant “derrrrr” expression mouth. Some people love it. I’m somewhere right in the middle. I kinda like the goofy mouth, but I felt the eye visor needed a change. Basically, it’s too clear. So I made some changes:


A solid gold visor looks a little more accurate. I would also point out the “thin neck” syndrome from the ball joint is not as bad in person. All this aside though, I would gladly take an upgrade head from Dr. Wu or something.

The rifle needs to be replaced big time. It’s just Silverbolt’s rifle extended at the barrel.


But rifle aside, he’s really cool, he features the same articulation that Hercules has –


And now for the size comparisons – let’s start with the obvious, Hercules:


Lightings a little off, but you get the general idea. As you can see, Uranos is actually a bit taller than Hercules. A point of a lot of contention from fans. I’m not too concerned, but there are those who feel Devastator should be the tallest of the combiners (I’m not sure why…).

Then there’s FOC Bruticus –


Yeah, not really close. Hasbro needs a new combiner.

Finally, here’s Metroplex – YIKES.


So there he is. Again, seems he’s the only 3rd Party Autobot combiner we have, I have no complaints, though again, I’ll have some updated pictures when the upgrade set comes in.

Until then –


Stay tuned!


  1. It’ a love-hate bot for me. Loved it until I was putting them together to form Uranos. Can’t get the arms to forward and back at the shoulder. I don’t know if they can or not and I don’t want to break it to find out.
    Wings, missile, etc fall off constantly when putting together the bot, so I just took them all off and stored them while in Uranos mode.
    Looking forward tot he TFC add-on kit because the drone/chest piece…I don’t mind the look, but I mind that any time I move anything I have to fix it because it doesn’t stay put.

    Toy looks great, but very fragile. Makes it an easy choice for me between TFC and MMC for the 3rd party Predaking.

    1. I get that. Superion is very fiddly. I agree with just leaving the missiles off as well and I’m hoping that chest plate stabilizes the body as a whole too.

      It’ll be interesting to see if a different company attempts the Arielbots, as I’d like to see what a different take on them would look like.

    1. No problem, however, if you continue to read through the blog, my stance on 3P toys has basically 180’d after learning more about the industry and getting involved with various Hasbro events as well as establishing relationships with the design team. I really can no longer encourage you to waste money on something like “uranos” when Hasbro’s Superion for Combiner Wars is quite excellent. Glad you enjoyed the review and I appreciate your feedback!

      1. Oh I’ll be getting the Hasbro Superion, even thought I don’t like Superion – I just bought the Defensor and am really happy with it.

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