FansProject Retro-Future: Glacialbots – Fangro & Tailclub

FansProject took a big gamble with this G1-Styled Combiner project. They’re still on the line to finish up the Stunticons, and they only released a relatively small batch for the initial run, but for all the chances they took, the verdict seems unanimous: The Glacialbots Project is a hit:


To being with, the packaging is simply genius. And I mean that in all honestly. It’s literally genius.


They replicated not only the design and packaging of the 1980’s scramble city styled combiners, but they even added meticulously detailed “aging” to the packaging. Faux water damage, tears, sun-fading, the whole nine yards.


Yes, they even come packed in styrofoam. You can see they even come with the old fashion horizontal instructions!


Now, as for the figures themselves – The Glacialbots are a five member, scrable-city style team made up ice-age creatures. Fangro is most recognizable as a Saber Toothed Tiger. Tail Club on the other hand, is a Doedicurus. I had no idea what that was until I picked up TailClub. I guess the real think looked like this:


The figures themselves are as G1 as their packaging. They are nearly interchangeable with any other G1 combiner limb.


But there’s an aspect to these guys that is quite unique….they have little power-core guys! Or more accurately, the power-core guys ARE the figures, and they have big robot suits…or whatever you want them to be –


They work like Powermasters, and fold up and plug into a socket in the chest.


The cool thing is, you don’t necessarily have to utilize the Power core aspect, they can stay put right where they are and remain just regular ol’ bots.

But the thing is, for being so “G1”, they have amazing detailing. The head sculpts are outstanding.



These guys are quite spectacular. While obtaining them is a bit of a challange at the moment, I highly reccomend tracking them down.

Here’s the video:


Stay tuned, as we’ll take a look at Tusker, the leader of the group next!


  1. I’m hoping that these guys get a mass release, as I’m not paying the ridiculous prices going for the three released thus far. If the price is right, these will be bought.

  2. I love this concept to death, I just have no idea where I am going to display them! They’re technically outside the universe of TF’s, lol!

    1. I hear you Ark. I’m just keeping him on my combine shelf but it is odd to have an original team!

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