Unique Toys – UT-04 “Violence” (aka Rampage)

Team PaxCybertron Member Abe here.

So we now  have the fourth member of the Unique Toy’s  “Not-Predacons” – Violence, aka Rampage.

IMG_2182 (1)As before UT has been steadily improving on the quality of these figures, and Rampage is clearly the current pinnacle of development.  With ball-jointed shoulders, hips and a multitude of rotational articulation, we’re finally at a level equal to other 3rd party figures.

But what’s this?:


SOMEBODY’S PACKING HEAT!?!? Yes, after much complaining since War Hawk, Unique Toys has finally given me what I have been hoping for since the start – GUNS.  But…not just one gun.  You get all five guns for all five members!  Unknown to me until now, all of the team member’s guns combine into the forearm gun for Predaking:


And as you can see, it’s a great looking gun!


The head sclupt on Rampage is very nice, but I can’t help but anticipate some Reprolables for some striping.  He has wonderfully painted details however so stickers would be minimal.


In Tiger mode, he has all the flexibility of the other quadreped team members, though given his upgraded shoulder joints, he actually has  a bit more than the standard posability.



Very happy with this guy.  With the MMC Preds starting to hit, it remains my opinion that both sets have something to offer and no matter how you toss the dice, UT will still have a fully complete Predaking quite soon.   It’s an exciting time to be a Predacon fan, that’s for sure!


Well take a look at limb-mode when Razor claw comes in, so stay tuned, because he’ll be here before you know it.


Here’s the video:


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