ToyWorld TW-02 ORION

Two years ago, 3rd Party company ToyWorld rocked the community with the release of the most excellent “Hegemon”.  A near-perfect, “Classics Scaled” representation of Megatron, “Hegemon” was met with a overwhelmingly positive reception.  Since that time, ToyWorld has gone down both the Headmasters path with “Hardbone” and now “Brainwave”, as well as the Throttlebots line with “Rollbar” and “Aurora”.  All figures were well made and generally well liked (see our glowing reviews of Rollbar and Aurora!).  But one thing slipped under the radar…where the heck was TW-02?  The rumored Optimus Prime counterpart to Megatron?  Well after all this time, ToyWorld returns with “Orion” – Their take on Optimus Prime, bases mostly on the IDW design, but featuring some Original takes on the classic Big Red Leader-bot.  Orion is a testament to the company’s continuing production of amazing toys!

ToyWorld TW-02: ORION

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While he stand a bit bulkier and a *touch* taller than Hegemon, Orion is a sturdy, complex, yet fun to transform figure that fits in exceptionally well on a classics/generations shelf given all the 3rd party additions we continue to get.  If you’re on the fence, you need to make a decision soon, as just like Hegemon, once he sells out, ToyWorld will likely not produce him again for some time and the mark ups will begin.

Here’s the video review:


Stay Tuned for more!


  1. i saw your review of this figure and i want to get him oh and btw i also get my transformers from hany as well

    1. Yeah, he’s great! I do hope we eventually get a bit more of an accurate Head Sculpt at some point but it’s no big rush for me.

  2. Are the windows on his chest not flush all the way across? If that is indeed the case that design “flaw” just bothers me and makes me not want to buy this guy. I agree w/ you that everything else ToyWorld has made thus far has been a real treasure to fiddle with, but there is just something about Orion that makes me hesitate on pulling the trigger.

    1. They can sit flush Flywheels, I have it mistransformed it seems. The center pane has a panel that folds out to look more complete.

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