Unique Toys UT-05 Sharpclaw (aka Razorclaw)

Done and done!

The fifth and final member of the Unique Toys “War Lord” team, Sharpclaw!  We all know him as Razorclaw, the leader of the Predacons, and boy did UT finish on a great note with these guys.  From the massive (and I mean MASSIVE) box, to the enormous new set of wings for Predaking, as well as an amazing and terrifyingly large sword for the big guy, we really get a excellent package to finish off the whole set.  But this is more about Sharpclaw. I’ll cover War Lord next, in his own post and video.

Sharpclaw is a big, G1 accurate and fun representation of the commander of the Predacons. The size of a smaller voyager (i.e. Classics Prime) he fits in with the team being larger, bulkier but not over bearing (i.e. what Diesel seems to look like with FansProjects Stunticons) – I’m more than happy with how Unique Toys ended the set.  But enough talk, check him out for yourself!




















And here’s the video:


Stay tuned, the big guy is next.




  1. Just got mine. Looks awesome next to Hercules.
    I worry aboit applying too much pressure and breaking something during transformation. There are some gaps like down the middle of the lion head. QC issue. Otherwise it looks great.

    1. Well I’m pretty sure no one would fault you if you keep him in Predaking mode. If you follow me on twitter I just retweeted a video to fix the right knee. My lion head has the same crease. Kinda unfortunate but as I said in the video review, even my G1 has it.

      1. As with all my gestalts I put it in combo d mode and likely won’t toich it again…ever. It’s beautiful.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I have the MMC guys too, and they are really good, but I feel like they’re more for a MP scale than Classics, so the UT guys fill in my Classics spot for the Preds.

      1. I definitely agree with that. I only really have MP’s these days (sold off most of my classics during they great Transformers Purge of 2012) so that’s why I went with MMC.

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