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As I enjoy (and I used “enjoy” lightly, its actually quite frusterating) the hunt for the new Generations Fall of Cybertron figures, as well as SDCC Bruticus (SERIOUSLY CAN’T WAIT!  Should be arriving next week after SDCC wraps up) – I decided, on a whim, to pick up a few Masterpiece guys.   The first, who I got on the cheaper side on eBay is the US version of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime.

Much like how there are those that loath Hot Rod, blaming him for the death of Optimus Prime, and those that love him, there seems to be a similar split in opinions on the Masterpiece figure as well.    For one thing, the initial Takara release suffered from a LARGE number of defects, from panels snapping off with the greatest of ease, to paint rubbing off when attaching him to the trailer, the list went on and on.  Takara then improved on some of the issues and released a second wave improving on some of the issues.  Hasbro then used that second mold to create the Toys R Us Exclusive Rodimus Prime.

The figure still has a variety of problems, unfortunately, but looking past these, he’s actually pretty amazing.  Hot Rod (or Rodimus, whichever you prefer) comes with his G1-esque dual blasters.  Exclusive to the US, he drops the Prime Trailer for his Targetmaster Fireball (Off Shoot for licensing purposes).  I would love to still get the trailer, but I don’t think anyone’s planning on selling one separately.  Ah well.

Basically, this covers the two G1 Hot Rod toys, the first released in 86 and then the targetmaster version in 87.  He also features some “Movie specific” gimmicks. The best of which is the “Shades” style goggles used during the Lookout Mountain scene:

The other two I’m not going to bother showing, the buzz-saw and welder tools.  Unless they make a MP Kup of the same size, they’re kinda pointless.

Obviously, the main gimmick is the ability to “change” Hot Rod into Rodimus Prime:

Rise….Rodimus Prime…

This is done through raising the shoulders, pulling the double joint down at the hips and flipping his young fact to his older, wiser face:

And naturally, he comes with the Matrix of Leadership in a compartment in his chest:

Light Our Darkest Hour…

He also comes with a bigger, plastic matrix which opens up.  But meh…its nothing too special.  Both of Hot Rod’s guns combine to form Rodimus Prime’s G1 Rifle.  They basically covered all the G1 Hot Rod toys, but again, the loss of the trailer means you can’t have Rodiums Prime in truck mode.   Knowing me, I’ll probably eventually pick up the Takara version and sell Hot Rod here but keep his Tarketmaster.

Speaking of which:

Its funny, there’s all these big Masterpiece guys, and then there’s this one little Masterpiece Targetmaster.  There’s not much too him, hes got great articulation, and folds up into a double barreled blaster (you’ll see later).

Now, on to car mode:

Here’s where I had a lot of trouble.  The transformation is easy enough, but the problem I had was that everything needs to line up PERFECTLY.  And unlike other figures, if somethings not lined up, it eventually does, with Hot Rod if something doesn’t line up just right, there’s no way to get it sorted out without going back and trying again.  It makes for a frustrating situation, but the end result is a G1 dang near Perfect replica of Hot Rod’s …er…Hot Rod.

Hasbro removed a few paint aps to make it “resemble the G1 toy more”.  Which is just poppycock.  Obviously they wanted to save on cost.  So unfortunately his rear boosters are just plain orange.

Cost efficient “G1 Accuracy”

Fireball, in gun mode, fits into the engine block on the hood (the other guns do as well):

Finally, here are some size comparison shots:  G1 Bumblebee is my new size comp tool apparently.

So there we go – MP Rodimus Prime.

I also picked up the newer MP StarScream and will post on him as well once he comes in.


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  1. I thought this was a great idea, but the figure comes off lacking a little bit. It feels too fragile for my tastes unlike MP-01 or MP Grimlock. But I assume there has to be a tradeoff for all the gimmicks he has, especially the Rodimus Prime transformation. I too purchased the US version and I will just say be wary of the springs in the arms. I was Transforming mine one day and (not using excessive force) the arm just snapped at the spring. There is really no way to fix it unfortunately so my Hot Rod is forever in vehicle mode now. But at least it gives me an excuse to buy the second Takara version 🙂

    1. I agree, there is something lacking for sure, expecially considering how enamored I am with MP-10 Optimus Prime. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been transforming him a bit to get the process down, but I’ve got it memorized now so he’s going to the shelf to take his place in the collection. I’m just going to wait and see if the Takara version comes down a bit in price. Not likely, I’m sure.

      Fyi – I’m going to add your blog to my links!

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