Fall of Cybertron (Game)

So amidst all the new toy news that’s been flooding the market, there have been few things I look forward to more than the release of Fall of Cybertron for PS3 and Xbox 360.  New videos emerged that I some how missed on some Add-on stuff that is just amazing.
First – apparently there’s a pre-order bonus to obtain Prime’s G1 skin and a weapon attachment of Megatron’s G1 Pistol:

Also – holy crap, that’s Hound and Ultra Magnus next to Prime and Ratchet at the end there (Hound transforms and peels out).

Second – G2 Bruticus pre-orders will come with a skin option for G2 Bruticus in the game itself and I stumbled upon the video on Facebook:

“BIG BAD BATTLIN’ BRUTICUS!!” (if you remember the G2 commercials…)


So yeah, I really can’t wait for this game.  I play War for Cybertron till my thumbs bled, I can only imagine how amazing Fall of Cybertron will be.


Next up – FOC Jazz Post!

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