Fall of Cybertron Demo

The demo hit the online communities today for PS3 and Xbox 360.



So….awesome.  Played Vortex’s level and the Multiplayer Beta.  Both were fantastic.  Game play feels exceptionally similar to WFC in terms of controls, which is great because vets can jump right in without a learning curve.



  1. Are you on PS3 or Xbox? I’ve really been looking forward to this game for a long time, I can decide whether to play the demo and get in some practice or just wait and be surprised.

  2. I have both systems too, but I’ll probably do PS3 as that’s what I have WFC for as well. Ark, the demo is VERY short. Nothing too plot-spoiling really, so it might be worth while just to get a first look at the graphics.

    1. Thanks, I may do that. I’m on PS3 as well, if you guys want to look me up perhaps we can catch a game together sometime in the future. My PS3 username is the same: arkvander

  3. Sounds good Ark! My Username is ViperEye82 – I’ll add you tonight. HP, you can add me as well. If we could all be on a team, that would be awesome! I don’t know if they have escalation in this one or not, but I still play that on WFC as well.

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