Asia Exclusive CliffJumper

You know, its funny, I owe both of my Cliffjumper’s to Cheatimus over at Cheat’s Tweaks – I picked up his Classics Custom Cliff from his eBay auctions a few months back and Asia Exclusive CJ from his box set  he ordered.  So…THANKS CHEATIMUS!

left: Cheats’ modded CJ with a more G1 Accurate Head – right: AE Cliffjumper

Anyways, On to Cliffjumper:

Everyone seems to like ‘Cliff.  I know I do.  Mainly because of IDW’s take on him.

“Lookin’ for trouble, Red?”

He’s impulsive and kind of a jerk, but all in all a great character.  I think I’ve made it clear by now that I am not a fan of the new Transformers: Prime series.  It’s possible that this is because the killed off Cliffjumper in like the first episode (in a dumb way too if you ask me…I mean, if Star Scream can just stab through his chest with his hand, why doesn’t he do that to EVERYONE?) – but I also don’t like the designs of the Transformers themselves.  Well, for the most part.  Mainly the heads.  So when Asia Exclusive Cliffjumper was announced to be a remolded head on First Edition PRIME Cliffjumper’s body, I was intrigued.

Yep…its the heads.  See, this mold is actually quite awesome.  Kinda bulky for Cliffjumper, but still really well made great articulation, nice paint it has it all.  And NOW it has a head that looks great!  For one thing, Holy Light Piping!  Cliff’s eyes are SUPER bright even under the dimmest of light.  Plus the G1 styling is SPOT ON.

But for me, this Cliffjumper is going to be my Fall of Cybertron representative.  As I understand it, Cliff will have his own level in the game, and while they unfortunately used the PRIME looking head on the WFC Bumble Bee body, I would like to have a figure of him for my FOC collection, even though he’s entirely non-game accurate….um…and has an Earth Car mode.  But whatever.  The other option would be to buy WFC Cliffjumper, but that toy looks plain old dumb.

My other reasoning for dubbing him my FOC CJ is his built in weapons – they look remarkably similar to the rocket launchers from WFC, albeit one barrel short:

Kiss mah’ fist…er rocket launcher.

Plus it’s built into his arm, just like the game – AND seems in Fall of Cybertron, you can now switch weapon arms, that works even better – Or  you could just do both:

Cliffjumper’s alt-mode is pretty awesome too.  I really like the muscle-car look a lot, I believe its a Challanger with a different back (for obvious reasons)

Side by side with Classics

I added the big Autobot Logo because, like SDCC Vortex and Blast Off, Cliffjumper was almost entirely devoid of his faction badge except for a small silver one near his back (which is pretty cool looking).  In robot mode it looks like a big Autobot Tattoo now too, which is awesome.

So yeah, this way I have three FOC Autobots now:

One of these things is not like the other…

Last but not least there’s the size shot.  I mean, he’s a Deluxe size, we all know that, but its tradition after all…

CJ: Who are YOU calling a redeco??


So there we go.  I’m quite happy with him.  Of course, like Blast Off and Jazz, he continues my “repeat character” trend, but whatever.  FOC is a different line, so its fine.  Right?


Next up is SDCC Brawl.  I really want to get him in today seems I’ve stumbled across something that I don’t see anyone else doing.


Stay tuned!



  1. Wow! This Cliff is looking better than I thought he would. I didn’t know if putting that G1 head on the TFP fig would work, but here I think the results speak for themselves. The Autobot logo is a nice touch. Where did you get that btw?

  2. I know, I didn’t know what to expect either, but I’m very surprised how good it worked. The Autobot logo is from Reprolabels. They were giving away free outlines with $20 purchases so I have a bunch of them.

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