SDCC Combaticons – Bruticus UPDATE

Well, I received several inquires about transforming Blast Off into Bruticus’ flame thrower arm cannon.   I meant to post this within the actual Bruticus post but it slipped my mind.  So lets get into it –

Here’s the arm cannon/flame thrower in question from the game:

And here is the basic, mostly agreed upon version of the arm cannon using Blast Off’s toy:

It’s relatively easy – From shuttle mode, you un-tab the rear wings, and open the panels so that the black panels here are parallel.

Just fold the two sections together, they won’t peg into place they just rest together.

So basically you get this:

Its really not bad, everything is lined up like the game model, at least as best as you could ask for.   My only issue is that it’s basically hollow:

So what I did was use a part I picked up with a set of weapons as the inner body of the cannon:

It basically just rests in the empty space of the weapon arm

So we have this:

Far from perfect, but  it looks better for sure!  The only problem the blue of the inner plastic –

And Vortex’s stupid “kung-fu” hand….*sigh*…dammit Vortex!

But I’m sure I can put some kind of reprolabel in there to make it red/orange or something.  We’ll see.

So there we go, that’s Bruticus’ weapon arm.

Finally, here’s a fancy pants picture to end it all on a nice note!

“The road to victory is paved with Autobot wrecks….”

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