FansProject WB002 – Steel Core

Interesting….when I first pre-ordered Steel Core here, I had no intention of keeping him. But now….he’s taken a center spot on my shelf.

You see, as I’ve previously done with Generations Swerve, I’ve taken Steel Core and created my own cannonized story for him. But this time using Fall of Cybertron. As some of you remember from War for Cybetron, there are big “Brute” enemies on both the Autobot and Decepticon sides that serve as rather difficult enemies to deal with. Well, Steel Core here is going to serve as my FOC Autobot Brute. He even has a big, glowing back section (aka, the cockpit canopy).

I won’t go into a big back ground like I did with Path Finder, but basically the gist of the character idea is that, he’s part of the Autobot Guardian Class, who, like the Decepticon Seekers, take on the form of their commander. However, Steel Core volunteered for an experimental procedure developed by Perceptor and was bianary bonded with a smaller Autobot partner, Nova. (This technology would later be perfected as the PowerMaster technology).

Steel Core features his Hammer (seen above) as seen in War For Cybertron, which can transform into a bladed energon bolt gun:

For those of you looking to keep the blade tucked away in robot mode, simply insert it in his back like this, I’ll fit snug without causing any problems.

As well as his assault rifle (also seen above)

Nova is a demolitions expert who specializes in bomb diffusing techniques.

When Nova joins with Steel Core, it provides him with a tremendous boost of energy, strength and power, however he loses the ability to transform while Nova is linked up.

So there we go, that’s the gist of my “back story”. I now have three FOC Autobots that I really do like (and yes, I bought another Jazz, because my previous mod really didn’t work well…)

As for the figure himself, FansProject has really done a great job here. Steel Core feels VERY Solid and sturdy, features NO die cast metal (which is a bonus!) and transforms very effectively, as many of you who’ve tried to Transform Defender (aka Springer) into his various modes will be glad to hear.

Now, the thing is, I do love his head sculpt, I just feel its not very transformer-y looking. I think if he had a visor or a full face plate, he would look spot on, but it’s a very minor complaint.  People have claimed he bears a slight War Within Grimlock or even an Ultra Magnus homage, but I really don’t see it except the exhaust pipes on his shoulders kinda look like Grimlock’s in War Within.    He is one of the most flexible and pose-able figures I’ve ever seen.  Everything feels nice and solid in his joints which is quite a good thing.

As for his alt-mode, well, he forms a Cybertronian Armored Truck –

I added a few Repro labels I had left over for some detailing and the two Autobot badges on the back here end up on the sides of his shoulders which worked out quite well…

Oops, forgot to remove ‘Bee from the shot…

And of course Nova (Steel) can fit in the cockpit in vehicle mode as well!

The cool thing is, FansProject has commented at TFCon that not only are they are not only going to produce some more “Heartmaster” figures like Steel Core, but they are also going to produce some additional items for Steel Core himself! I’m very excited. For as much as I planned on selling him right away, I’m very happy I kept him and look forward to what FansProject produces in the future (not to mention the Stunticons they’re working on…don’t even get me started on that.)

That’s all for now on Steel Core

Stay tuned, I’m planning a few general topics including pictures of my modest, but rapidly growing collection and some Transformers that remain my all time favorites!


  1. Well thanks a lot! I missed out on this guy but now I am seeing that was a huge mistake. Are we thinking the additional parts are going to be accessories? An upgrade like PM Prime? Or perhaps a combiner? Curses!

  2. AH, yeah, sorry Ark, the first run of like 800 sold out pretty fast. But don’t worry too much they’re making more, that’s been confirmed. I know for a fact they’re working on a trailer for him. He’s got a small “hitch slot” in back and they basically flat out said its for an upcoming Trailer upgrade.

    YAY! Trailers! Now someone needs to make a FOC Prime trailer, then I’ll be super happy! (I like Trailers…lol)

  3. Arkvander wasn’t the only one that was sleeping on this one. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen in hand pics now and I’m kicking myself for passing. I was in fear he was going to be like “Springer” (he didn’t impress me at all), but I’m glad to hear there’ll be a second production run.

  4. Yeah Flywheels, in terms of being a sturdy,well built figure, Steel Core is FAR better than Springer. I do like Springer a lot, given he’s the only real accurate triple changer rendition we’ve gotten, but he’s not very sturdy with that metal in him.

  5. WTF?! I didn’t even know about this guy! Must have been working too hard. How did this not register on my TF radar?

    Anyway thanks for the post aptkane. If you’re right and FP is making more, I’m not gonna miss it next time.

    1. It’s ok HP, keep in mind FP didn’t sell through retailers on this, you basically had to pre-order through their VIP service (account with FP).

      They are for sure making another run, so you’ll get another chance!

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