Fall has Begun

Before I post on Ratchet (and boy am I gonna post on Ratchet!) –


Fall of Cybertron hit the shelves today.  I’m on PS3 – ViperEye82 is my gamer tag.  If you see me online for Escalation, let’s team up.  If you see me on line for Death match, better stay outta my way!


ps. – finished the first chapter (tutorial) the game should be awesome.


  1. You know its weird…I have both, and I was seriously thinking of picking it up on Xbox instead, but seems my WFC file is on PS3, I ended up on the same system. I may switch, seems my first online match was VERY choppy due to connection issues from other players. PSN really doesn’t hold a candle to XBL. I’ll keep you posted, if anything, I wouldn’t hate the idea of having it on both systems, but that might seem..superfluous…for lack of a better word.

  2. Yeah buddy! I hope I have time to play the game this week! PS3 all da way :-p

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