Well crap…


On the one hand, Metroplex is SPOTLESS, like BRAND NEW, Spotless.  On the other hand my mixture ate the silver right off his face.  Sigh…looks like Encore version it is.

So: If anyone is interested in a G1 Metroplex with everything included and the Encore stickers but minus a silver face let me know, I’ll cut you a deal.  You can, after all, always paint his face if you so choose.

This ended up being a really expensive project. If Hasbro announces a FOC Metroplex tomorrow I’m going to punch someone in the gut.


  1. Its okay Shawn, I’ve had worse happen. He’s not totally ruined, at least his eyes stayed on, lol. Plus, like I said, I ended up just buying an Encore version. Worst case scenario, if no one wants him I’ll just keep him in the encore box.

    1. He’s been slated for ebay, but I’d be more than happy if to get him to a reader, than some random dude. Send me an email if you wanna work something out!

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