Fall of Cybertron: Dinobot Destruction DLC scheduled for 9.11.12

Eeehhh..9/11.  I don’t like having to use that date for anything.

BUT – this may be old news, however, High Moon Studios states in an article here details about the soon to be released Dinobot DLC for Multiplayer in Fall of Cybertron:

While I’m excited about this – on the other hand there are going to be SO MANY Dinobots now running around.

Frankly, my Infiltrator, Breakaway will still be my go-to ‘Bot for dishing out some hurt.


  1. It is going to be so awesome with all those Dinos running around. BTW I joined one of your games last night but it immediately froze and kicked me out, lol.

  2. I’m very excited to see how they work. I mean, they should still function like the rest of the sets for each class.

    I think I got booted from that game too. Its probably because they knew our combined awesomeness would have been too much for the servers to handle! lol. Actually, I played like garbage yesterday. SO many Titans just Scrap-maker-ing constantly I could only use my infiltrator to sneak behind and blast them in the back.

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