Pick Ups!

I decided to hit up my local Flee Market today, just on the odd chance there might be something of interest and sure enough, found a seller with some G2 figures!


Hero Megatron, sealed inbox! I’ve actually never saw this guy in the stores but I didn’t want to pass him up!

I also got these two, Deluge and Electro.


I have Deluge, but he’s missing all of his parts, unfortunately his color change section is sun damaged, but he’s still in his sealed package.


Electro on the other hand, his box is torn to shreds in back. Still, I’ll keep him in the box for now.


EDIT: Arkvander reminded me of something about Electro…he, along with many other G2 “Gold” colored figures, suffers from the nasty Gold Plastic Syndrome, which degrades and becomes exceptionally brittle, so if were to open Electro, he’ll brake in 4-5 seconds of doing anything with him.  So…I’ll keep him in box for now, unless I want to do a documentary on “GPS”.



So pretty awesome, nothing too special but a great find.

I’m waiting for my light box to come in so ill be a little slow on pictures for a few days.

Stay tuned!


  1. Well, the flee market by me only happens twice a year and I usually space out and miss it, but this time I was ready to head out. Glad I did!

  2. Wow, cool! G2 seems to lurk around flea markets for some reason. Please document the entire process if you do decide to open Electro. On video. I’d love to see if it breaks in the first five seconds.

  3. Yeah Ark, given his GPS, I have a feeling he’ll literally crumble as soon as I touch him. I think, for his sake and mine, I’ll keep him in his crappy, torn open,then resealed box. At least that way he stays intact!

  4. Nice! I’m glad to have Deluge in package seems my old one is in very rough shape!

  5. Not sure buddy, but I think G2s are a bit more common and under valued so they show up more at regular old Flea Markets.

  6. they should gave never used the metallic colored plastic and instead use paint or something

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