Here’s a Dilemma…

Photo courtesy of Make Toys Facebook Page

For those of you who weren’t thrilled with how Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus turned out – Make Toys is working on this, Battle Tanker Ver. 2 set for both SG Magnus and a Dark Version for SG Prime (v2).
But….its generally considered a “no-no” doing anything to a BotCon exclusive figure.

So on one hand, this looks like a big steamy pile of amazing-ness, and I would literally put it under my pillow at night.  On the other hand…eeeehhhhh….I don’t want to damage a 70+ (AMP)  dollar figure.

edit:  Sitting here, looking at my SG Magnus and then looking at this picture…*sigh*…dammit..I’m totally going to have to get this thing..curse you MAKE TOYS!


  1. I was just going to add an “edit note” I’m sitting here, supposed to be working, but i Have my SG Magnus right in front of me, looking at him, then at the picture, then at him….I may have to buy this too. I mean….that is just so awesome.

  2. My wife refers to my toys as my icons- they are something tangible to touch, to connect with. they are never going to have a resale value higher than my value for them personally. so some have gotten paint apps. some have gotten reprolables insignias. TF Prime Optimus got weapons I ike better than the ones the toy came with. my point is…do what makes you happiest with your collection…

  3. Well that’s true. But seems there’s only a limited number of SG Magnus’es in existence, my brain is going to hesitate pulling his head off and all that.

    There may be a way around this – Combat Hero Optimus Prime. I’ll have him soon from the “Ultimate Gift Set” and I honestly don’t care about him that much, so I could always use him for the kit.

  4. I’d use that Combat Hero Prime myself. I didn’t bother with the SG Magnus, but even I would consider picking up the set to use w/ that CH Prime.

    1. Well I’m for sure getting the trailer, not sure who’s getting it yet though.

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