Weekend Pick-ups

Quite a few new things came in this weekend –


Found PRIME Kup and Rumble at Wal-mart.


A friend from TFW2005 scored a few extra Vortex and Onslaughts, and hooked me up! (F you Target and your horrible stocking procedures)


And finally, I ordered a set of Kabaya Fortress Maximus from TFSource.

Ill post on all of this soon! Stay tuned!


  1. Nice finds. I also found Kup and Rumble at Walmart earlier this month. And I got all 5 FOC Combaticons from HTS finally. Look for a post soon.

    What is Kabaya Fortress Maximus? Do you plan to get Encore Fortress Maximus?

  2. I may have to just suck it up and order the Brawl and Blast Off online. I’ve waited for like 3 months. Its frustrating.

    Kabaya Fort Max is a “gatchapon” smaller model kit like version of FM. He stands about the size of a large deluxe when done. I’m not getting Encore, so I wanted this one to go on my MTMTE Shelf.

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