FOC Ultra Magnus


Man oh man, do I love this guy! I established in my post on FOC Prime that I am one of only a few people that actually like this mold, Magnus here has taken it to a new level!


First of all, his box art is just outstanding. More like duly appointed keeper of the Kick-ass Accord, AMIRITE?! His bio is a little generic, but I like that they make him a beast on the battlefield, but I wouldn’t have minded a comment on him being a reluctant leader…


Now onto the figure himself. FOC Ultra Magnus is a rare gem in the Ultra Magnus universe, because unlike most of the others, instead of just being a white Optimus Prime repaint, he uses the same mold, but is instead resculpted to his actual character design and colors!


I have to say, I don’t LOVE the dark blue they used. As with Rumble, it just seems too dark for what we typically see as the character design. Of course, if you REALLY don’t like it, it appears Takara’s version will be much lighter. Honestly, I’ll probably get him, only because again..I really like this guy.

The head sculpt is just amazing. I think it really captures the look of Magnus for sure!


AND they even added detailing to the thrusters on his back, a feature I rally like about this design!


His big sword perplexes me though…it’s almost as if it was supposed to come with Optimus, but they didn’t get it done in time.


It’s pretty cool though, it can be held normally as shown above, but also combines with the rifle to make it even bigger:


In vehicle mode, it stores in the peg hole on the side:


But it does look a bit goofy. Otherwise, his rifle stores like Prime’s.


You’ll notice they added more details this time around too. He looks great next to Optimus:


But again..we need some third party trailer support. I believe there are rumors of an upgrade for Magnus in production that will attach like his other Trailer armors have, even though he supposed to already be in that “mode”.

In the end, I gave Optimus the sword, and while its not pictured here, I gave Magnus my FansProject City Commander rifle as it looks good and pegs into his side in truck mode.


I’m so happy with this figure. Would I love to see them both in voyager size? Of course, but its not going to happen so I’m happy with him (them) as they are…but again, trailers would be nice (and more feasible).

Next up, I finally complete Retail Bruticus!

Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, this looks a lot better than I was expecting. I’m really glad they finally gave Magnus some love properly and like you said didn’t just repaint Prime white.

  2. Me too Ark, but to be honest, like I said in the post, I’d still totally get an add on to him if they made it.

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