Commemorative Series G1 Skids

This was kind of an impulse buy, but continuing on with the current G1 trend lets take a picture-heavy look at G1 Skids:


I love the IDW-esque Character art on the front of the commemorative packages.  So awesome.  And seems we’re no where near getting an updated or Generations Skids, I wanted to pick up this version. The commemorative packaging is very well done, with well drawn character art, and a redesigned back:


With the original bio and tech-specs. Skids’ is kinda lame though…


The best feature is the book-style case, that opens in front so you can see the figure without having to take him out of the box:


But lets get him out of the box for a look at his G1 goodness!


Skids’ coloring is very nice. I really like the dark blue and red with silver highlights. In terms or “articulation” as a G1, there’s not much, but he can angle his arms forward!


It’s a testament to how much we Gee-oners had to use our imaginations when playing with some of these guys. But to me, that’s what made them so much fun!

His head sculpt is very nice as well, I honestly can’t recall if the original Skids had as many paint apps or not…


Very little kibble back in the day, but that’s to be expected:


There is one really cool aspect of Skids’ transformation, one we don’t even see today, his rear tires fold UNDER his feet! Though, the right one seems to stick out a bit.


Still very cool! I would live to see this implemented in a figure today.

Transforming Skids is of course, rather easy. He folds up quite nicely into his alt-mode:


While some people don’t like that the front tires stick out a bit, I like the look. I can’t put my finger on why, but it looks cool.

The rear hatch opens too, a reminder of his Diaclone days:


That’s really all there is. A great trip down memory lane, and the prices are far easier on the wallet than the originals. I’m going to leave the stickers off and keep him in box as part of my boxed collection for now.

More to come so stay tuned!


  1. The Diaclone version came with a small scooter for the small figure to ride. The scooter could also be stored in the back of the van, hence the opening on the back. Skids was always a favorite of mine growing up for some reason.

  2. When I got my Skids last year, I really didn’t like him at first. Then he grew on me to the point to where he’s one of my favorite Season 1/2 figures. Glad to see someone else likes him!

  3. Nice review! I passed on Skids when these commemoratives came out, now starting to regret it. Both modes look better than I thought they would.

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