FOC Grimlock – We’re going Video Review Style!

Okay, so as part of the One Year Anniversary changes, PaxCybertron is going to be shifting more toward video reviews (mainly to make things more dynamic and more 21 century).

SO, while it’s a bit rough, as I’m still working out some of the kinks in my editing program, here’s the first video review for FOC Grimlock.

But I’ll still have pictures up too – there just will be a few less.

Grimlock Title Card

The big guy is quite amazing.   While he does suffer a touch from the usual FOC hollow areas, he’s still a very game-accurate and amazing figure.

Robot Mode

Naturally, he looks amazing in Robot mode.  I’m not sure if its possible to make Grimlock look bad in robot mode come to think of it:


He comes with both his sword and shield from the game, though they are a bit on the small side I suppose.


His head sculpt is outstanding too

Head sculpt

The light piping works VERY well and the rest of the red detailing on the chest will light up with is gimmick though admittedly  not as well as dino-mode.  I guess my only real issues is that the gold is so dull.  It may be cause to look into the Takara version, but I’m waiting to see what that looks like first.

insecticon triumpf

He has excellent poseability as well, with nice ratcheted joints that hold very well.  The only thing he lacks is waist swivel  which is a bit of a shame, but certainly not a deal breaker.

Altmode copy

Alt-mode start

While it’s the weaker of the two modes, I’m really starting to love his T-Rex form.   There’s just something so basic and awesome about it.   The tail is thick and the underside is hollow, but for me, that’s nothing I can’t live with.

head light gimmic

The light up gimmick works great, with a very bright LED light inside.  Pulling back on the tab opens his mouth and pulling back further lights up the LED, so that works quite well.

head symbol

As will all Grimlock’s the majority of the articulation is in his legs.  FOC Grimlocks head does not swivel which is again, unfortunate, but not the end of the world.  Given the light-up effects, I think it would have been a bit tough to have it articulated anyway.

Insecticon doomed

So yeah, I love this guy.  For 20 bucks at the store, you can’t really go wrong.  I haven’t seen him yet on the shelves (mine’s from Toys R Us online) but keep your eyes peeled and don’t pass him up if you see him!

shockwave assault

Now, because of the new YOUTUBE aspect to PaxCybertron, I’m going to add subscribing to my channel to the contest, but because it’s new: It counts as TWO entries!  That’s right, subscribe to PaxCybertron on YouTube and you’ll get two entries instead of one.

I do it because I care…and because I can.

Lots more coming up including MechIdea’s Wreckers and TAKARA FOC Bruticus!

Stay tuned!


  1. Congrats on the vid review! Nicely done. Robot mode is great. I like the Alt-mode, but I can’t stand the tail. I’m even ok with the hollow body (I won’t look at him from the bottom), but the tail is constantly viewable. There’s no getting aroung that monster tail if you want him in dino mode.

    1. Thanks Paul, the videos will get better and more timely as I learn not to ramble and such.

      I can understand not liking the tail. I’m fine with it, but it IS kinda

  2. I actually just picked up this guy today. I haven’t opened him yet, but it looks great. Funny, I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing some video posts!

  3. Maybe it’s because I haven’t played FOC yet, but I’m just not feeling most of these toys…including Grimlock. Hate the dino, can tolerate the robot.

  4. Awesome looking figure man! Good Review! Now if only he’ll get here fast and I can see his coolness in person.

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