Takara FOC Bruticus

We’re going to take a quick look at the Takara version of the FOC Combaticons, with a more game accurate color scheme, these guys really come out on top!


As you can see, the metallic paint scheme is pretty outstanding, but first things first, lets look at each member individually –

Lets start with Blast Off (I switched the weapons around for a bit of fun)


While his colors are quite nice, he’s still a bit on the lighter side, though the dark brown metallic highlights look good.


The only thing I’m not a fan of is his face. I don’t get why they made his face so dark brown. The face plate should be metallic.

Brawl looks good, there’s nothing too special about him, though his detailing is quite nice!


His head sculpt looks quite nice too,


Vortex’s colors are kind of awesome. He’s basically Iron Man:


He’s not really “game accurate” per se, but he still looks amazing!


Swindle is awesome. His head sculpt is more detailed than the others which is nice:


The yellow gold looks amazing, and even though he’s a bit flashy, he’s less bright then the retail version…


Finally there’s Onslaught!


While its subtle he has some detailing on the head which is just another reason I love this guy. While the colors are close to G1, they are quite game accurate and he even has the neon detailing on his wheels.


So all in all they look great together


Vehicle modes look just as great!



Combined into Bruticus, the colors really look amazing –


The headsculpt is perfect:


So that’s all of them, from SDCC, to Takara, I’m thrilled with all four versions. Though, Takara is quite nice I do like them all equally, all for their own reasons. All that’s left is the Wreckers, but that won’t be for a while.


Lots more to come this week, stay tuned!



  1. Yeah, that’s about all there is to say on this – if you like the mold, he looks great, if you don’t, even the colors wont’ change your mind.

  2. Takara did a great job on the paint details here…I’d be tempted to pick this one up myself. Brawl,Onslaught,and Swindle look to be the best here.

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