Takara Tomy Exclusive – FOC Skywarp

Dispite all the purple used, I really like FoC Skywarp a lot.


The fact that he and Thundercracker did not show up in the game always bothered me, and I’m really glad that we still got a toy of Skywarp regardless. I’m hoping Thundercracker gets some love too!


Skywarp is a simple recoloring of FOC Starscream, and while his colors aren’t exactly G1 accurate, and I would have preferred black instead of grey for his main color, he still looks great, and the two shades really work well together.


He works well next to Hasbro Starscream, though I’m sure the Takara version would look better. Skywarps paint is not as metallic as some of the others so he fits in on both sides of the ocean.


He has red light piping as well, which looks amazing and helps him stand out from ‘Screamer (who has orange).


The mold itself is really great, and is very game accurate. Both robot and jet mode really look good!


I may add some reprolables to the Decepticon symbols though as they’re a bit dull.


He looks good with Starscream in alt-mode too, but here’s where the excess purple stands out a lot. Hopefully if we do get Thundercracker they’ll stick more to the G1 design, but Skywarp is still a great figure and a much appreciated addition to the excellent FOC line!

Here’s the video review:



More to come! Stay tuned!


  1. I’ve always loved Skywarp. He’s my favorite of the Seekers. Maybe it’s his color scheme that I like, but that might be why I’m not crazy about this toy’s Robot mode. I can’t believe he didn’t have more black on him. He would hav elooked so much nicer!

    1. Yeah, black would have looked better for sure. Still the mold is great, and for the time being, I’m happy with him, unless Hasbro does him in black.

  2. I must confess. Growing up, my preference was Starscream. I even pondered buying TOMY’s Generations version after seeing him in ALL SPARK. But I will not as I transitioned to the Encore/G1 reissue stuff. However, this piece intrigues me to the point I would consider getting him. But, then again, you were right. I wish he had more black. Because the grey kind of making him come off as a “second-hand” Galvatron.

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