Unique Toys War Hawk (DiveBomb)

For the first part of Combiner Week, we’ll be taking a look at Unique Toy’s first release of their War Lord (Predaking) set, War Hawk, otherwise known as Dive Bomb –


Lets just get this out of the way: the Unique Toys Predacons are designed to be ONLY updated G1 figures. There are a lot of strong opinions out there on the three 3rd Party Predacon teams being developed. I’m leaving that out. I think all three offer something for fans.

However, with that said, there are some obvious signs that War Hawk was rushed out the door. The packaging is a bit plain:


It seems clear that something was supposed to fill the empty space on the cover (we confirm this later *wink*) – and the back


It’s pretty bare bones. But whatever, it’s just a box. Lets look at the toy itself!


Armed with a simple gold long sword, War Hawk is what you’d expect in an updated G1 figure.

He’s got a great head sculpt, which is on a ball joint:


In fact, he has pretty nice articulation aside from a lack of elbow rotation.


Now there is the piece which is well known for having a shoddy paint job. I tried using a paint marker on mine but it didn’t really work, so I’ll need to clean it up a bit.


For me, this isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen, and I feel like a well designed Reprolable would fix the problem. I don’t feel it’s a condemning issue for the figure at all.

His transformation is quite easy and very similar to the G1 version:


The wing feathers are individually articulated, really the Eagle mode is really good looking! He has some great detailing as well!


In flight mode, he really shines, but the robot head is visible underneath, there really no way around that and it’s not really an issue, just part of the design.


Over all I really like War Hawk! As we’ll see with HeadStrong, Unique Toys resolved a lot of the issues on their next release.

Here’s the video review –


More to come! Stay Tuned for Combiner Week!


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