MP-12T: Tiger Track

So here we have Masterpiece Tiger Track, and woo doggies is he a gem!


A lemon yellow repaint of Masterpiece Sideswipe, he features the same design (unlike Red Alert), but because he’s further down the line, he features improved paint apps –


He looks particularly excellent next to Sideswipe!


In robot mode he’s as awesome as ever –


As a added feature, he actually does use Red Alert’s face, with Sideswipe’s head:



It’s a nice way of distinguishing him from the other two, even if its subtle.


He comes with two separate chest symbols to use, a large version like Sideswipe or a smaller version. I went with the smaller one, again to differentiate the two.

He also comes with his pile drivers –


I’m glad to have them but honestly, I’ll just keep them in the box.


Which is a vet nice monochrome and metallic design! I already love Takara’s MP boxes but this is really a good looking style. We even get a drawn character art of Tiger Track on the front, and a colored version on his bio card-


I can’t recommend this figure enough. MP Sideswipe uses a great mold and this is one of the most successful reprints I’ve seen. It makes me truly regret not buying Red Alert. Don’t wait too long on Tiger Track he won’t see the production numbers the other two saw.


More to come! Stay tuned!


  1. I figured that I didn’t “need” this release, but man am I ever second guessing my decision now!

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