FansProject Retro-Future: Glacialbots – TUSKER

So here we have Tusker, the leader of the Glacialbots, and boy…he’s one heck of a combiner commander:


As a Wooly Mammoth, I wasn’t sure just how well the figure was going to turn out but the moment I saw him in his packaging, I was sold! And speaking of packaging, as before we get the deluxe treatment for nostalgia fans:


As before, we get a wonderful amount of faux fading, rips and tears on the box, a little more noticeable this one –


Some additional packaging pictures – on the back we see some outstanding “Retro” artwork, featuring some really cool images of FP past and presumably future toys coming out.


And even more awesome – on the bottom, we see some cells from a rumored animated feature for the team (heavily rumored, there’s no confirmation of anything at this point).


On to the figure him self: Tusker, like G1 combiner leaders, he’s much bigger than the other two members we’ve seen so far, Fangro and Tailclub:


And he sure looks great in Robot mode. He has limited articulation, but given the design of the transformation he’s more than just a brick with arms and legs:


He has a shoulder shield and the tusk of the mammoth becomes his rifle, which is awesome.


So very cool. More robot mode pictures:




In Mammoth mode, he looks very very nice. The color scheme works extremely well!


He looks great with the team too –


He comes with the same little power/head master too:


But as you can see from the robot mode picks, there’s a separate head that flips over the little guy
Finally, here’s a teaser shot of the partially completed Glacial Lord next to Piranhacon –


He’ll look amazing when done.

So there we go, stay tuned because we have a lot coming up!


  1. The more I see these guys, the more I want them. Unlike other 3P stuff, I don’t see me balking at buying the set when it’s finally released. The mammoth mode kind of reminds me of a Power Ranger Zord crossed with an 80’s Zoid for some reason. He’s awesome looking.

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