Takara MP-17 PROWL

So I bet you’re thinking: “Gee, MP Lambor was amazing, how does Takara plan on topping themselves from that design?”  Well they did.  Many times over.  With a flawless (and I mean FLAWLESS) paint job, intuitive transformation and the typical Master Piece joints, coupled with retractable shoulder cannons and a G1 perfect rifle, Prowl stands as the next natural step in this amazing new line of MP Autobot cars.  So enjoy the gallery of pictures in both modes with close-ups emphasizing areas of special note!

Takara MP-17 Prowl:





It goes without saying, this is a bit of a must have for any Master Piece collection.  Prowl has been a main-stay character through most of the G1 show (until the movie that is…).   At the price the Autobot cars are going for, he’s a heck of a deal!

Here’s the video review:

Stay tuned for more!

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