Transformers Go! Nemesis Prime

So in Japan, Beast Hunters doesn’t exist.  Instead, they have an OVA Series called “GO!”  which is chalk full of samurai and ninja Autobots fighting what are basically the Predacons from Beast Hunters.   Meh.   I’ll pass.   But what Takara/Tomy did was take the Beast Hunters line and repaint a lot of them to go with the GO! anime.   Again, meh.  Except they took the bulky, voyager Hunter Prime toy and repainted him to Hunter Nemesis Prime, giving him an all new head sculpt (With a face plate!!!)  and wowza….he’s a good lookin’ toy.    Expensive to a degree but worth every penny for Nemesis Prime collectors and fans of the Optimus Prime mold.















3 responses to “Transformers Go! Nemesis Prime

  1. Hot damn, that’s a pretty toy! I do kind of wish he had black feet, but when I see him in alt mode, I understand the grey.

    • Black feet might have been too mono colored. Trust Takara, they know how to paint a figure up real nice 😉

  2. While I’m not a huge fan of the whole black Optimus/Convoy angle, this mold looks fantastic with the darker color scheme. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now, but I just haven’t had the time to open him. I have a feeling though that will change real soon!

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