TFCon Bound!

Welp…it’s July, which means it’s time for TFCon in lovely Toronto!


This years show looks to be great, with Gregg Berger, the voice of Grimlock, in attendance and some of the best IDW has to offer like Andrew Griffith!

This time I’m flying in, instead of driving though.


And I’ll be starting the weekend off right:


It’s go time!

Friday night, registration night, and also specialty drinks!


And of course, what would a trip to Toronto be without indulging in one of Canada’s greatest cuisine contributions to the fat-guy world, Poutine!  MMmmmmmmmm French fries, cheese curds and delicious delicious gravy.



Registration started off with a line that was pretty impressive, however, the event staff had their A game with them and it went by quite fast!








And of course what good con would be complete without exclusives?  Though, I’ll be selling mine, I hear they are quite nice looking!  TFCon Chicago should have a follow up set based on the included comic.  (Black and Purple Pipes).


After registration, it was dinner and drinks time at the Delta’s bar, appropriately named “Quest”!  Here, the twitter-verse of TF Bros met to eat, drink and be merry….till 4am.



The following night, Gus and I were joined by IDW’s very own Andrew Griffith (Robots in Disguise) and Sarah Stone (Windblade) when we went to Lucy’s Oyster bar and then a really nice cocktail lounge called “Good Son” where the drinks were quite outstanding!



Saturday the Convention was in full swing with the sales floor bustling and cosplayers of all ages and sizes littering the festivities.





I hope this Prowl won some kind of award, the detailing was outstanding. (Sorry for the crummy pictures, it was tough getting a clear shot).



But this Vortex was my favorite.  So awesome!





Drift-chan, you’re so Kawaii!




They had the custom competition again, though there were fewer entries than last year, they were all pretty cool.  Here’s a few of them.  I wanted to get a picture of a custom Bruticus made out of Metroplex, but before I could get a picture he was gone.







The sales floor had some great places to shop.  Big names like Big Bad Toy Store and FansProject Core were in attendance, but smaller shops were more abundant.  At one booth, someone had all of the G1 Combiners displayed!




As with last year, artist ally had some outstanding names doing commissions.  IDW’s Alex Milne (MTMTE), Andrew Griffith, friend of the PaxCybertron Podcast (RID) and Sarah Stone (Windblade) were all there, producing some incredible work!





I was able to observe Sarah drawing a commission sketch (Rodimus) for some lucky fan.   How awesome!  You’ll notice her Chromia necklace and adorable pencil case!



Sunday at the show is a bit different, with a lot of the dealers switching from only Transformers to ALL 80’s toys.  The cosplayers begin to vary in costumes as well, including these dudes:



After a fun day, and a relaxing dinner with Gus and Andrew Griffith, the convention was finished and it was back to my room to check out my loot!  Toy-wise I only picked up a few gems – G1 Pounce and Wingspan (in pretty okay shape!), G1 Doublecross (also in great shape, minus the gun) and an Encore Skylynx for super cheap as well as an animated Slug (Slag) for 10 CAD.  YAY!  The best prizes were some original pages from both Andrew Griffith and Alex Milne, truly works of art that are one of a kind (more pictures on them later) as well as some awesome poster-prints!



And with that, as quick as it arrived it was over and it was  time to return to the US.


But of course, I had a stowaway!




So, home at last, there was only one thing left to do – Introduce TFCon G1 Pounce and Wingspan with Botcon Pounce and Wingspan, YAY!



While I’m sad to have left all my buddies (and buddettes) from the convention, there’s always TFcon 2015 to look forward to, as well as TFCon Chicago later this year.   I can’t wait for either.

For more information on TFcon, visit  –


Stay tuned for more, there’s a couple of voyagers that need gallery posts 😉


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