What’s Going on at PaxCybertron!?!


HOLY HELL! It’s NOVEMBER!? How did that happen??

It’s been a weird second half to 2014, that’s for sure. People have been asking what’s going on with the site: well, it’s behind that’s what’s going on. The FaceBook page is updated on a daily basis with news across the Transformers News-o-sphere but it’s been tough to get time to put up gallery posts. Don’t worry, they’ll be coming.


People have been asking what’s going on with the PodCast! Well, we’re in between seasons right now. Season 1 went very well but we’re looking to be back for season two very soon with even more of the same zany arguments and discussions! Yay!


Video reviews will be back in full swing as well soon enough. I kinda tapered off before Rewind and Eject arrived and I never got MP Wheeljack done. Now Brainstorm is here (and I’m so in love with him….) so I need to get cracking!

What’s been Keeping us so preoccupied? Well, of the four of us from the podcast, two are currently looking to possibly change careers, and two have been utterly swamped with work since the end of Summer. But all things stabilize over time and we’ll be back into full swing soon.


So sit tight and keep your eyes peeled! The Holidays are rolling in fast so we’ve got a lot to cover!

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