Status Update, Coming Back and Looking Ahead…


So…..I’ve been on hiatus.  Or sabbatical.  Or whatever you want to call it, I’ve sorta stopped doing any reviews or work on the site for…well a while.   Sorry about that.  It was a combination of being burnt out from work, burnt out (sort of) from reviews and just being generally unhappy with the quality of the video reviews I was producing.   Basically, I just don’t have the space available to make the reviews the way I want them to be.   There are a lot of other video reviewers out there and I wanted to be distinct but it just ended up being a toxic environment.  Not good.  When reviewing a toy becomes a chore and not something you generally look forward to, it’s time to step away.  I firmly believe that.  There are some reviewers who stick with it, and I feel like it shows in their work, when they’re burnt out and somewhat lacking in energy.  I owe it to you guys and the toys to be different, or just not do anything at all.

BUT!  With the Titans Return line dropping this month, I’ve been somewhat reinvigorated and I’m hoping to start things up again, but in a little bit of a different way:  I’m going to being doing more of a varied approach.  Some toys will get pictorial reviews, some WILL get video reviews.  For those who follow on Facebook, I will not be posting picture galleries there any longer, instead, I will either review the toy here, or on YouTube and post the link on Facebook.  That keeps things more dynamic and traffic flowing instead of stagnant.  News will, of course, be posted on Facebook first.  (See there’s a place for everything!)

Video reviews will be limited, unfortunately.   As I said, I simply don’t have the set up to review things the way they should be reviewed.  A perfect example would be Fortress Maximus.  While I know some of you will be disappointed, Fort Max will likely only get a pictorial review.  Given my limited space, and his immense size, the review would be awkward and clumsy.  He deserves better and so do you guys.

Just some additional notes on upcoming posts and content: I won’t really be reviewing the Combiner Wars lines at this point other than any of the new box sets coming out in the future (including G2 Bruticus, but unlikely to include Victorion).  I feel like with the Titans Return line coming into full swing it would be detrimental to backpedal into the line, unless circumstances warrant it.  Mold fatigue kicked in for a lot of people, but I did love the line and can’t wait for Computron!   Also, this may ruffle some feathers but there will no longer be any 3P reviews on any of the sites.  This is my decision, I can’t support 3P products any longer and while you may not agree with my take, please respect my feelings on this and I will do the same for you.  Finally, regarding the Podcast – unfortunately the cast all ran into very busy work schedules and things sort of tapered off, and then completely fell off.  I’m not entirely sure if it will return or not.  I had been toying with the idea of bringing it back but we’ll just have to play it by ear at this point.  I’ll keep everyone posted.

Moving forward, you’ll see more activity and more integration with the various PaxCybertron social media sites, and I think that’s a good thing.   Being able to interact with toys in this manner is enjoyable to me, but I wanted it to stay that way. Remember, PaxCybertron is on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.  Make sure to follow on the sites you use to stay up to date.

So stay tuned!



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