Takara Movie The Best MB-09: Dinoride Grimlock w/ Optimus Prime

Obviously I’m not going in order here.  I’m basically just making my way through my massive back-log of stuff to open.  Anyways, here’s Movie The Best Grimlock –

I didn’t buy the “dino-ride” guys when they first came out, which was unfortunate because they’re actually really neat.  They tiny “Dinorider” (man I loved those toys….) perches on top of the Dinobot via pegs so they sit very secure –

Otherwise the figure itself gets the “Movie the Best” makeover, with Grimlock here donning earthy green and browns, which again, if you watch VERY closely during the movie, you can detect these colors in his armor.

I’m happy that with Grimlock, they painted the eyes red.  It looks very…well…Grimlock-y.

The tiny Optimus is pretty impressive with a lot of molded detail.  He’s also got a shocking amount of articulation for a itty-bitty figure.

I know these Dinobots caught some flak from the neck-beard community, but say what you will, we DID get a full set of Dinobots of of the AOE line, and if the movie-verse isn’t your jam, you could always pick up the Platinum set with the G1 Heads (which is my favorite obviously).

There are only two Dinobots in this line unfortunately.  That would bum me out more if we weren’t getting a voyager class Scorn out of TLK. Plus, I do feel this is the better Grimlock mold, the leader class still seems flat to me.

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