Transformers Power of the Primes: Windcharger

I’ve been sitting on this one for a bit, but its time to take a look at Power of the Primes Windcharger, the first of four legends class figures from Wave 1 of Power of the Primes.


I’ll be honest, this first wave of Legends figures is a bit of a mixed bag.  You get two incredible looking new molds in Beachcomber and Slash, a reused Shrapnel, properly named but nothing else different, and right in the middle of “Awesome!” and “Yawn” is Windcharger here.


The biggest draw to him is that he’s “animation accurate” but that really only applies to his headscupt.


The rest of him is more G1 toy- proper which is totally fine, I’m all about new takes on G1 toys.  The problem is, we’ve gotten several Windchargers over the years, so this guy has his work cut out for him.


I think I’d like him a lot more, if his legs didn’t seems so stumpy to me.  They really aren’t, its a weird visual trick, but his knees and feet are proper length and in the right spots, he just appears off.

Car mode is great, and like all recent Legends, a Titan or Prime master can fit comfortably inside, which is one of my favorite aspects to these new guys.

Windcharger gets plenty of pose-ability out of his little ball joints, which is always appreciated as well.


BOTTOM LINE: Windcharger is a solid C+.  He’s not overly spectacular, nor is he junk.  He’s right in that sweet, soft, safe spot of new figures coming out.  My recommendation depends on whether or not you can get your hands on Scout Class CHUG Windcharger for less than 12 bucks.  That mold remains one of the better mini-bot updates, even though he’s on the taller side now.  With him out of the picture, you’re in good shape picking up this guy.  He’s far better than the latest Generations version, who, despite having a great head sculpt suffers every where else.  We’re getting a Tailgate out of this mold as well, so if you missed the Generations versions of these two from a few years back, go ahead and grab them now, they’ll match and are better over all.


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