Takara Tomy Transformers: MP-39 SUNSTREAKER

At long last, we have the much anticipated Masterpiece Sunstreaker, and boy oh boy, he was worth the wait!



Essentially, we’ve been waiting on Sunstreaker here since Sideswipe arrived and changed the MP Line, basically giving us “MP Deluxe” class cars, and like his brother before him, Sunstreaker is here to change up the line a bit.



See, where Sideswipe brought in a new scale for essentially “Deluxe class MP cars”, Sunstreaker is bringing a whole new focus on pose-ability and joint design.  Takara looks to bring a new level of Masterpiece figures to collectors, and they came out of the gates running strong.


Sunstreaker is pure joy in toy robot form.  He comes with a multitude of accessories.


Included are two additional faces (Battle Cry and Smirk):

The Alien mask from Hoist Goes Hollywood (you could argue this is a totally unnecessary accessory, but who cares!)

His hidden pistol that stores in his leg:


And of course, Chip Chase, the only human being to ever rip a floppy disc in half by hand!

His higher price point might seem a bit skewed but there’s more engineering going into this toy than Sideswipe or the other Autobot cars so far.

His profile is neat and clean with everything tucked in and secured in both modes.  He stands at about the same exact height as Sideswipe, though it looks like he’s just a touch taller.


His transformation is a whooping 43 steps and looks to be rather intimidating at first glance.  After several conversions however, it becomes very straight forward with only a few spots that are intricate and “Megatron-ish”.


His Lamborghini alt-mode is simply breathtaking and includes lifting headlights, hood, and gull wing doors!

What’s more, he’s even convertible to the non-super styled mode just like Sideswipe, by having he equipment fold inside and tuck away:


Oh, and you can switch between cartoon or realistic tail lights:



Like his brother before him, Sunstreaker represents a “must have” for any collector of the MP line.  Unlike the superfluous Diaclone recolors or rare Target Masters, Sunstreaker is a core member of the Ark crew and a first step toward a new direction with the MP line.  His higher price point may seem off-putting but he makes up for it with the design.



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